WATCH: Swarm of jellyfish invade south coast of Comino

WATCH: Swarm of jellyfish invade south coast of Comino
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Taking to Facebook, Vince Tanti shared a close encounter with a massive swarm of jellyfish which seemingly invaded the south coast of Comino this morning. 


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Tanti was paddling alongside Adam Jones and, as they were navigating the  calm seas, they met a ‘heavy presence of purple jellyfish.’ 

He said that the creatures were in their thousands drifting in the water and that ‘the presence of these creatures did not dampen thee day, as after all they were in their habitat’. 

He did however say that the reason for the shaky footage was to avoid getting stung by one or more of the jellyfish. The invasion of jellyfish in Maltese waters has been making rounds in the news this summer as they are found in droves all over the islands. 

Swim safe, watch out for warnings and make sure you are equipped to deal with any nasty stings! 


Source: Vince Tanti

The fight against rising cost of living needs a solution says PN MP

The fight against rising cost of living needs a solution says PN MP
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Addressing a press conference, PN MPs Charles Azzopari and Rebekah Cilia discussed the rising costs of living and said that this issue needs immediate addressing. 

Speaking during the address, spokesperson for the rights of workers and land ownership Rebekah Cilia said that the islands’ consumers are feeling the massive weight brought on by the rising cost of living.

‘We issue an appeal to the Labour government to take concrete action in the face of such an issue’ she said. ‘The government cannot remain inactive against this problem.’ 

Cilia recounted the anecdotes of pensioners who spoke to her and exclaimed how, by the end of the month, they are being left unable to buy the basic supplies for daily living such as bread, milk or pasta. 

‘This is a problem which everyone is facing’ she said, highlighting people who need specific medicines, farmers facing issues with their expenses, as well as other people who cannot enjoy the luxury of an annual trip abroad. 

On his part, Speaker for the Rising Cost of Living Charles Azzopardi said that this ‘threat’ is crushing the lives of many Maltese families. ‘We need to see that these families get a decent life and one that they deserve.’ 

‘Everyone is feeling the extra and unneeded pressures brought on by the rising costs of manufactured products, energy supplies, hospitality services, property (which doubled in these past 9 years), the increase in prices of oil, wheat and cereals and many other services.’ 


WATCH: Dario Mifsud Bonnici releases new single ‘Keep Going Now’

Dario Mifsud Bonnici releases new single ‘Keep Going Now’
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And just like that, local singer and songwriter Dario Mifsud Bonnici has releases his brand new single ‘Keep Going Now!’

The 34-year-old singer is mostly known for his presence in the performing arts industry, having recently just formed part of the ‘Matilda: The Musical Cast’. 

The brand new track, ‘Keep Going Now’, was written and produced by Miguel Magri, American songwriter Chase Allemand and Dario himself. 

What makes it the perfect summer song is its pop-80’s influenced tune, with the music video bringing to mind the beating sun, exhilarating pool parties and the positivity that comes with life. 

In releasing the new track, Dario issued thanks to all the people who supported him in this project. ‘Keep Going Now’ is currently streaming on Spotify, with the music video available to watch on YouTube.


Feeding chickens weed might make it not only healthier but also tastier

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A study in Thailand has shown how feeding chickens marijuana instead of the usual antibiotics can not only result into healthier chickens but also make them tastier and more tender.

Researchers from Chiang Mai University’s Department of Animal and Aquatic Sciences started studying the mind blowing prospect once they learned that a weed farm in northern Thailand was feeding their free-range chickens cannabis instead of anti-biotics.

Chompunut Lumsangkul, a professor who is currently leading the study, told Business Insider that the unusual feed seems to be working well. She also went on to explain that the birds’ special food is produced by adding crushed cannabis to their feed and water and that no antibiotics and medicines are fed to or used on the chickens during this time.

Producing healthier and tastier chickens haven’t been the only positives to come out of this experiment, as the farm has been able to sell their chickens for higher prices to buyers searching for organic products. The Thai government has only legalized the sale of cannabis products earlier this month but has limited the amount of THC, the ingredient used to get someone high, in the items to 0.2%.

The product is being referred to as GanjaChicken and it has been confirmed that one cannot get high whilst consuming it. This is because the THC used is metabolized in the chickens body before it is slaughtered, so there will be no traces of THC left for your body to digest.