How to treat jellyfish stings as Maltese beaches get invaded

How to treat jellyfish stings as Maltese beaches get invaded
May 23 2022 Share

Beach lovers weren’t the only ones flocking to Malta’s iconic and beautiful sea sides as an invasion of jellyfish also made its way to the distraught of many swimmers. 

As rangers patrolling nature sites warned bathers and treated many stings on Sunday, we thought it would be useful to give you a basic guide on how to treat the nasty contact with the jellyfish.

  • DO NOT apply freshwater, vinegar, alcohol or pressure bandages to stings. 
  • Gently wash the sting with seawater without any rubbing. 
  • Gently apply half-baking soda, half seawater slurry for five minutes. 
  • Use a plastic card to remove the stinger’s tentacle residuals by swiping in one direction. 
  • Apply ice packs wrapped in cloth/thin towel for 5 to 15 minutes. Do NOT apply directly on skin.
  • It might sting a bit! 


Delays to hitting the beach this summer as water temperatures still freezing

Delays to hitting the beach this summer as water temperatures still freezing
May 23 2022 Share

It seems as though our desire to hit the beach might be put on a bit of a hold this summer as the sea temperatures are still reported to be freezing cold. 

Easter came late this year, with Malta having celebrated the feast in mid-April. TVM News was informed by a gardening centre owner that the weather was around month or six weeks behind. 

The sea is normally coldest in mid-February, but by mid-March, the sea temperature was still at its coldest. The land temperature situation was the same in the surrounding Maltese waters, with the sea temperature going up just around a week ago. 

The Department of Geoscience at the University of Malta has kept records of sea temperature for the last five years. The lowest temperature was measured on the 13th of March and was 14.6 degrees Celsius. 

In fact, the sea around the Maltese islands got colder much quicker than usual last winter. The sea temperature this year went down to 16 degrees by mid-January. This means the expected temperatures are all being pushed later into the year. 


How to level up your Sicily family holiday this summer

How to level up your Sicily family holiday this summer
May 23 2022 Share

A family holiday is the perfect opportunity for children and teenagers to discover some of the world’s most gorgeous spots whilst also giving the adults some much-deserved downtime, which is why now is the right time to plan.

Sicily has always been a safe bet for Maltese family trips, offering incredible holiday destinations at reasonable prices, and this summer is the season to level it up with Virtu Ferries. If it’s a family holiday you’re looking for rest assured that Sicily is just the place you need to visit. Take a look at these incredible sights. and find out how you can level up your family holiday this summer!

Treat yourself at Taormina

There’s a reason why this destination has been nicknamed the pearl of the Mediterranean. Overlooking the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea sits the enchanting town of Taormina, an iconic tourist destination adorned with medieval architecture, sandy beaches and the Teatro Antico.

The city centre is a pedestrian-only area and in it, you will find a myriad of luxury stories, quaint cafés and an endless stream of selfie worthy-sights. No matter how old you are, Taormina is a definite must-visit when going to Sicily.

Chill at Cefalù

A hidden gem for some and a mandatory checkpoint for others, the charming town of Cefalù appeals to children, teens and adults alike. The cosmopolitan crescent of sea and sand is lined with historic sights, mouth-watering osterias & gelato spots and one of the most popular stretches of beach on Sicily’s entire Northern coast.

If you’re craving fresh air, sea breeze and the unmistakable taste of summer, you make look no further because you’ll find everything you’ll ever need in Cefalù.

Admire Agrigento

One of Sicily’s oldest cities and an absolute gold mine for history buffs of all ages; the ever-elegant Agrigento tells tales of the classical world whilst providing a classy backdrop for visitors who want to discover Sicily’s historic heritage for the first time.

With enchanting locations like the Valley of Temples, the Regional Archaeological Museum, the Kolymbetra Garden and so many more, the depth of this historic city knows no bounds.

Pursue Pozzallo

A key area in Sicily’s economic history and the South’s most important port for more than 700 years, the town offers much more than one would expect. Whilst still considered an important commercial and fishing port, Pozzallo has become one of Sicily’s prime tourist locations.

With four popular beaches, astounding views and a Blue Flag-certified reputation for cleanliness, water quality and ecological pedigree, Pozzallo should definitely find its place on your bucket list.

Capture Catania

Resting below the shadow of Mount Etna, Sicily’s second-largest city is home to 300,000 individuals who celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of Catania every single day. The list of landmarks is endless, with museums, parks, eateries and gardens aplenty.

Start at the internationally-recognised Duomo Square and work your way around Catania’s busy surroundings. From traditional street food vendors to monumental sights of Catanese baroque architecture, there’s something for everyone in this bustling metropolitan city.

Explore Etna & Etnaland

When mentioning holidays in Sicily, these two just go without saying. If you’re looking for a high-octane excursion with jaw-dropping views and unforgettable fun, don’t forget to tick these two boxes. Etnaland is South Italy’s biggest amusement park split into three amazing leisure parks; Themepark, Acquapark and Prehistoric Park.

Meanwhile, Mt. Etna is definitely worth a visit for being one of Sicily’s most popular landmarks, the highest active volcano in all of Europe and one of the most exciting Italian hiking locations with views you will never forget.


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Man assaulted in Hamrun suffering from grievous injuries

Man assaulted in Hamrun suffering from grievous injuries
May 23 2022 Share

Police were informed in the early hours of today that their assistance was needed after a man was assaulted in Hamrun in a bar. 

The victim, a 54-year-old man of Somalian nationality entered thee Hamrun Police station and stated that he had been assaulted by some people while at the bar in Triq il-Kbira San Guzepp. 

The man was taken to Mater Dei and confirmed to have sustained grievous injuries. The police have since then arrested two individuals, a 35-year-old from Birkirkara and a 17-year-old from San Gwann. 

Police investigations are still ongoing.