Prime Minister Robert Abela confirms that bars will remain closed

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Prime Minister Robert Abela has confirmed that bars will remain closed beyond the previously predicted deadline.
The PM has ruled out a curfew and a lockdown but has said that new measures will be in place ahead of Carnival in February.
The government is also going to announce aid packages for people who’ve had to keep their business closed for months.
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President Joe Biden has overturned Trump’s transgender military ban

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President Joe Biden has overturned Trump’s transgender military ban which was introduced during Trump’s first year in office.

President Biden believes that gender identity should not be a ban to military service and that America’s strength in most present in its diversity.

Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin who is a retired Army General said that the department will take policy action immediately in order to ensure that individuals who identify as transgender are eligible to enlist and serve in the army.


Study suggests that COVID-19 might be linked to Mental Illness and Brain Disorder

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A recent study is suggesting that 1 in 8 people who have contracted the COVID-19 virus, might be at risk of developing Mental Illness or Brain Disorders in the first 6 months after recovery. Examples of these illnesses are; stroke, acute bleeding inside the skull or brain, dementia, and psychotic disorders.

While it cannot be completely ruled out that such illness were underlying beforehand, however, the study suggests that this is not likely the case.


Harry Potter TV series is reportedly being developed by HBO

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HBO Max is reportedly developing a new Harry Potter TV series! No links to writers or talent have surfaced just yet, however, we’re still excited!

There is also still no news as to which part of the Harry Potter timeline the series will be set in. Talks of the TV series are in very early stages, however, HBO and Warner Brothers have said that the development has not yet started.


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