Primark has made its way to Malta right on time for Christmas!

 - Fashion - Nov 25
Primark has made it’s way to Malta right on time for Christmas!

A new store which opened in Birkirkara, Malta is bringing fan favourite Primark products in Malta. The Fashion Outlet has brought everything from apparel to accessories to underwear this festive season, and it’s all coming from top notch brands which Maltese had to travel to get their hands on before. 

They will also be selling everything with some of the best prices on the island, making Primark more accessible than before. We’ll all be delving deep into some of the best quality products this Christmas, right at our door step. The fashion retailer is a well-known centre for many locals when they venture abroad. 

Having it right here on our island will make this Christmas all the more special…and far easier to find our Christmas gifts! Doors opened last Monday, so let’s get to shopping!



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