New Record for Longest Boy’s Hair set in Malta

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New Record for Longest Boy's Hair set in Malta

In a fabulous follicle feat, young Aaron Connor Caruana Farrugia from Kalkara has earned a spot in The Malta Records for having the longest hair on a boy in the country, measuring an astonishing 80cm in length!

The boy, known for his flowing locks, took the title in a hair-raising celebration. Mayor Wayne Aquilina of Kalkara was also on hand to witness the record-breaking presentation, applauding Aaron’s impressive mane and declaring him the undisputed hair champion of Malta.

With such a remarkable feat, Aaron is sure to turn heads wherever he goes, proving that hair-raising achievements are not just for the fairytale books! Congratulations to the young hair prodigy and his luscious locks!


Credit: The Malta Records.

Drone Max Takes Malta’s Feasts to New Heights: Capturing Lija’s Spectacular Fireworks from the Sky!

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Drone Max Takes Malta's Feasts to New Heights: Capturing Lija's Spectacular Fireworks from the Sky!

Drone pilot and content creator, Drone Max, has taken the art of capturing fireworks to new heights in Malta.


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As the island celebrated Lija’s grand feast, Max’s aerial footage mesmerised viewers with the beauty of traditional Maltese fireworks. From intricate designs to vibrant colours, the sky lit up with a dazzling display of pyrotechnic brilliance, creating a spectacle that left everyone in awe.

Thanks to Drone Max’s skilful piloting and keen eye for detail, spectators were treated to a breathtaking view of Lija’s festivities, making it an unforgettable experience for all.


Malta compared to Marbella ‘but with tons more cultural delights’ by The Irish Sun

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Malta compared to Marbella 'but with tons more cultural delights' by The Irish Sun

The Irish Sun recently featured a glowing article about Malta, touting it as the next Marbella, brimming with cultural delights and sun-kissed fun. A beloved short-haul destination for Brits, the island’s popularity surged as an emerging party hotspot, with UK bookings soaring by an impressive 366 percent between June and September last year, captivating the attention of young travellers sharing their experiences on social media.


Beyond the vibrant party scene, The Irish Sun’s James Draven shared his top ten reasons to visit this captivating Mediterranean gem, unveiling a perfect blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty. Draven’s list includes exploring Malta’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the captivating capital city of Valletta, and stepping into the enchanting Silent City of Mdina, where history comes alive on its ancient streets.

The article also highlights the majestic Dingli Cliffs, offering awe-inspiring views of the sparkling Mediterranean and providing a breathtaking backdrop for unforgettable memories. Visitors can indulge in the island’s maritime charm by sailing on traditional Luzzu boats adorned with the symbolic “Eye of Horus,” while those seeking vibrant nightlife can revel in the electric atmosphere of Paceville, with its buzzing bars and entertainment options.

For travellers in search of tranquility, Gozo, Malta’s serene sister island, offers a peaceful retreat with its laid-back ambiance and remarkable historic sites. With an emerging party scene and an abundance of cultural treasures, Malta beckons travellers from all corners of the globe to explore its riches and create cherished memories on this enchanting medieval European paradise.

In the article itself, The Irish Sun also asked its readers to vote in a poll on whether they would like to visit Malta, with a huge majority of readers voting “Yes! It looks lovely!”.

In a recent report by The National Statistics Office, it was revealed that Malta is basking in the glory of unprecedented tourism success, with a staggering 1,289,292 thrill-seeking tourists flocking to the Maltese Islands, marking a remarkable 6.7% increase compared to pre-COVID-19 levels in 2019. Additionally, the National Statistics Office reported a jaw-dropping tourist expenditure of €1,036,795,000, representing a colossal 17.4% surge from the previous year.


Farsons Beer Festival Closing Night Cancelled Due to Public Safety

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Farsons Beer Festival Closing Night Cancelled Due to Public Safety

In a disappointing turn of events, the much-anticipated closing night of the Farsons Beer Festival had to be cancelled in the interest of public safety. Organisers made the difficult decision due to the strong winds forecasted to hit the island, deeming it necessary to prioritise the well-being of festival-goers and participants.

The closing night was set to be a highlight of the annual event, headlined by none other than Maltese star Shaun Farrugia. The talented artist had been eagerly looking forward to the performance, and his excitement was evident as he took to social media to express his heartbreak over the news. Shaun shared that he had spent countless hours preparing material and had been dreaming about the opportunity to perform for his family and friends.

However, despite the disappointment, attendees and fans rallied behind the organisers” decision, acknowledging that safety should always come first. The Farsons Beer Festival has always been a celebration of culture, music, and community, and by putting public safety at the forefront, the organisers have once again demonstrated their commitment to the well-being of all involved.

While it’s undoubtedly a somber moment for festival-goers and Shaun Farrugia fans alike, there’s hope that future events will offer another chance to witness the Maltese star’s incredible talent on stage. For now, it’s essential to remember that the decision to cancel the closing night was made with the best intentions, ensuring that everyone remains safe during these unpredictable weather conditions.


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