Charles & Ron showcase Lydia Abela-worn dresses at Washington D.C. fashion gala

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Iconic Maltese fashion designers Charles & Ron have taken a touch of Maltese flavour to Washington D.C. in the United States, showcasing not one but two dresses worn by Lydia Abela.

Hosted by Diplomacy and Fashion the black-tie event is the first of its kind, celebrating the designers of First Ladies and Gentlemen of the World whilst advocating for sustainable fashion and the role of fashion in diplomacy.

During the show, models rocked two Charles & Ron-designed dresses previously worn by Lydia Abela, who is the wife of Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela. One was a replica of Abela’s Independence Day 2021 celebration dress while the other is an evening dress worn in New York for a Fashion 4 Development banquet held in honour of the United Nations General Assembly.

The iconic duo were also recently in New York for the New York Fashion Week, taking Maltese & Mediterranean design to a whole new level whilst unveiling their Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

What do you think of the dresses?


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“You are a true champion”; Malta mourns the loss of 20-year-old Nicholai Peresso

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"You are a true champion"; Malta mourns the loss of 20-year-old Nicholai Peresso

Earlier today, Malta’s social media channels were flooded with tributes for 20-year-old Nicholai Peress, who tragically died at 20 years old.

His father, Charles Peresso, took to Facebook to post a heart-breaking tribute to his son, revealing that just one day before, he had the word “Dad” tattooed on him. “Your life on this earth was cut short, but you left a mark on everyone who knew you. Your strength, courage, and your kindness will never be forgotten”, Peresso wrote.

Friends, family and acquaintances shared their sentiments following the tragic news, sharing nothing but positive words about the young man, many looking back at their exchanges with him at the gym.

Peresso’s brother Neil also shared a few words, stating: “As brothers we always bonded over long talks and whenever we talk about a recent argument with a friend he always finishes off by telling me that he forgives.”

“If he’s watching, I’m sure he’s happy, and if anyone has had a bad relationship with him or had an argument before he left us, let it be known the you are forgiven for anything you ever done/said to him,” he wrote.

RIP Nicholai.



“No benefit”; Adrian Delia laments traffic situation driving down from Ċirkewwa

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Nationalist MP Adrian Delia has once again gone online to lament Malta’s current traffic situation, this time with regards to commuters driving down from Ċirkewwa.

The former PN leader posted a photo shining a light on the roadside situation in one of Malta’s northernmost villages, with many taking to the comments to express their agreement with the MP’s sentiment.

This is not the first time that Malta has experienced a standstill traffic situation, with major delays and standstills in a number of Maltese villages being reported over the past few weeks.

Such a situation continues to accentuate the importance of exploring alternative means of transport such as public transport or bicycles and scooters, with the former being made completely free for everyone in the beginning of October. Just recently, a motorcyclist posted a video of him travelling from Paola to St. Julian’s in just 15 minutes, highlighting the efficacy of such means of transport.


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Greece runs entirely on renewable energy for the first time ever

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Greece runs entirely on renewable energy for the first time ever

For at least five hours last Friday, the entire country of Greece ran entirely on energy generated from renewable sources, setting an encouraging precedent for what my lie ahead for the Earth.

The country’s independent power transmission operator IPTO released this information as the country continues its efforts to ramp up the use of renewable energy sources. This was the first time in Greece’s history that the country ran completely on such resources, only a few months after the European country halted its reliance on Russian gas supplies.

It was revealed that solar, wind and hydro energy accounted for 46% of the country’s power from January to August of this year, up by 4 points from the previous year.

Environmental think-tank The Green Tank called it a “record of optimism for the country’s transition to clean energy”, and will hopefully be something we see more of in Europe and beyond over the next few months.

Back in March, Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that Gozo will lead Malta’s energy dependence on renewable energy, revealing that it will be the first in Malta to get all its energy from renewable resources.


Photo Source: Energy Transition

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