Beauty in the time of corona: Facing the face in the ‘mirror’

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Beauty in the time of corona: Facing the face in the ‘mirror’

The lipstick index is a term coined by the son of the founder of Estée Lauder claims that lipstick sales could be inversely proportionate to a thriving economy. It speculated that women substitute cosmetics for more expensive indulgences like expensive bags or trips when their budgets are tight.

The pandemic is the first time since the ’50s that trauma and economic downturn didn’t cause an increase in sales of lipstick – the lips have been covered with masks… but it may have increased the interest in med-aesthetic treatments.

With so much work going online, on Zoom and other applications, most of us spend most of our time looking at our faces. Some of us had already experienced being afraid to look at our faces as they seemed to deceive us as the years went by. We have almost doubled our life expectancies as humans over the last century and have certainly multiplied the value we associate with all our expectations of life after 40. We need to feel confident. We need to feel ourselves. This is why most persons seek aesthetic medical treatments which bust away wrinkles and restore volume with fillers and the such.

Did the pandemic reveal that we in fact only do these treatments for ourselves? To consolidate the outward with our inwards? Our looks with what we feel inside? We had nowhere to go, no one to please, we met no strangers, no one to have to leave physical good first impressions on.

The aesthetic medical world deals with repair, restoration and beautification but it also deals with overcoming trauma, restoring confidence and positive transformations.

During the pandemic, the beautification and enhancement aspects decreased. The ‘if only’ aspect decreased except for post menopausal peri-oral restoration in women who experienced near complete loss of lip shape and volume and barcode lines around the lip where bone density in the jaws decreased, leading sometimes to teeth loss causing backward recession of the area around the mouth. This was due to the fact that most patients seeking restoration of this area are very adamant to do so discretely, so post-treatment a clean surgical mask proved very effective at hiding any latent signs of having had the procedure done from the world!

In combination, the flexibility to work from home, and the mask served to give clients the courage to make decisions about treatments they had long been thinking of having done.

Restoration of confidence, in line with our expectation of a long life expectancy and good quality of life is part and parcel with a good bill of health.

To perceive yourself as ‘beautiful‘, in terms of harmony, proportion and the appearance of ‘healthy’ uniformly toned skin is an inevitable wish of every human. To see that the idea that the desire for personal beauty is for the satisfaction of the self, to reinforce the will to enjoy life has been reinforced during a time of isolation, shifting paradigms and values and self reflection is a reassuring thought for the aesthetic doctor.

For more information on med-aesthetic treatments, visit People and Skin’s website at www.peopleandskin.com


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Coldplay’s new ‘Higher Power’ releasing next week

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Coldplay’s new ‘Higher Power’ releasing next week

Calling all Coldplay fans – the band will be returning on May 7th with a new song called ‘Higher Power’. Produced by Max Martin, who Coldplay described as a ‘true wonder of the universe’, the song was described as arriving on ‘a little keyboard and a bathroom sink at the start of 2020.’

The British rock band was formed in London back in 1996. Their latest album ‘Everyday Life’ was published back in 2019, just before the pandemic hit. Fans will now be treated to another hit by their favourite band to jam to as the world continues to cope with the ever resilient pandemic.


Photo Source: coldplay IG

Monaco Grand Prix will allow 7500 spectators

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Monaco Grand Prix will allow 7500 spectators

One of, if not, the most iconic races on the Formula One calendar, the Monaco Grand Prix, will be set to allow 7500 audience members to watch it in person late in May. Spectators outside fo the Principality will be obliged to show evidence of negative COVID-19 testing in order to enter the street circuit enclosure. Minister of State Pierre Dartout stated that it is vital that the Prix is held with ‘both a minimum participation of the public and the highest sanitary conditions.’

The event was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, but 2021’s prix has already sold 4000 tickets. Only 3000 will be allowed for the Friday practice but there will be no restriction on the origin of the public, notwithstanding PCR tests.


Photo Source: F1

The ‘Call for Arts’ petition taking Malta by storm

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The ‘Call for Arts’ petition taking Malta by storm

Following the closure of several artistic and performative industries and sectors, Jeremy Grech created the ‘This Is A Call For Arts’ petition which aims to create awareness and get the authorities to provide a tangible re-opening plan for the live arts. The petition has, as of the time of writing, already accumulated a whopping 1,094 signatures, with its aim of getting to 1,500 just within reach. Jeremy expressed his concern for the survival of the arts in Malta during these trying times eloquently;

‘Our voices remain silent. Our songs unheard, monologues unspoken, symphonies muted, canvases empty, dances static and our pages bare!’ The petition is a step towards giving artists the chance to plan their future, career and training. Stating that artists ‘trained for this profession, […] made sacrifices, […] a career out of it. […] Give us a well needed voice. We are listening.’

To support the petition, follow the link below:



Photo Source: Jeremy Grech FB

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