Australia set to reopen border in November

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Australia set to reopen border in November

Australia has had strict border rules throughout the whole pandemic, but the country is set to reopen in November. This will be the first time it has done so throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, having been closed off since March 2020. Protests have swept the country, with many seeing the measures as controversial. As September came to a close, Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed a press conference to state that ‘it’s time to give Australians their lives back.’ 

People will be able to travel when their state’s vaccination rate reached 80%, with New South Wales set to be the first to do so. In contrast, Queensland and Western Australia are considering keeping state borders closed until vaccination rates far surpass the 80% threshold. The state’s strict border rules have resulted in COVID spread rates remaining close to zero. Foreigners will however not yet be able to travel, with the government only hinting at welcoming tourists in the future. Travel quarantine rules are also set to change, as vaccinated travellers will no longer have to isolate for 14 days in a hotel for up to $2,160. Quarantine at home will be available for the jabbed, with unvaccinated travellers having to undergo the 14 days. 


Photo Source: BBC, Nikkei Asia

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