Alien sea creatures invading Mediterranean due to climate change

 - International - Aug 23
Alien sea creatures invading Mediterranean due to climate change

As climate change continues to impact the world’s weather patterns, it was revealed that there are other consequences we don’t notice when it comes to marine life. Speaking to TVM, Professor Alan Deidun revealed how alien creatures have replaced indigenous marine life as huge bouts of heat hit both Malta and the Mediterranean as a whole. Sea temperatures have sky rocketed to above 30 degrees Celsius, meaning that the Mediterranean Sea is close to becoming a tropical sea.

Many sea creatures which crossed the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean would die off in winter as sea temperatures dropped. Sea temperatures however are not dropping as drastically in winter, resulting in these species surviving and reproducing. This means native species have increased competition against creatures like blue swimmer crabs and Rainbow. Deidun even emphasised eating some of these alien species as it would bring the population under control. This should be done with caution however, due to some being poisonous. 


Photo Source: Live Science, PlanetWare

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