Żurrieq Xarolla Windmill Restoration Inaugurated

Żurrieq Xarolla Windmill Restoration Inaugurated
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Residents of Żurrieq and the public will be able to enjoy the restored Xarolla Windmill once again, following the completion of restoration and reconstruction work by the Department of Public Works. This comes after the windmill suffered significant damage during a storm in March 2022.

Minister for Public Works and Planning, Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, inaugurated this project, which involved extensive restoration work on the century-old windmill, in the presence of Żurrieq Mayor Rita Grima. The project included repairs to the machinery and the windmill’s sails, carried out within the Manufacturing and Services Directorate in Kordin.

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In his speech, Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi praised the work of the craftsmen and technicians involved in restoring the twelve-storey windmill. “This work was meticulous and extensive, involving the replacement of all thirty-foot-long wooden beams, known as ‘antarjoli,’ as well as the reconstruction of the sails, the central shaft, and the roof of the windmill,” explained Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi.

For many years, the Xarolla Windmill served as a source of sustenance for various families. The windmill was used to grind wheat, barley, dried beans, and also produced a mixture of wheat and bran. Today, it stands as a main attraction for locals and tourists in the village of Żurrieq, known as the ‘High Xagħra.’

Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi emphasized that this project is evidence of the central government’s commitment to preserving our country’s historical heritage and the responsible use of public resources. The Minister stated, “One must appreciate the meticulous and diligent way our ancestors built and maintained this windmill for centuries, without the technologies and modern tools of today. Therefore, it is our duty as a government to continue our commitment to preserving our historical and cultural heritage.”

In her speech, Żurrieq Mayor Rita Grima mentioned that since the windmill was damaged during the storm, she received the support of the government to restore it to a functional state. She expressed gratitude to the Ministry and all those involved in the implementation of this restoration and reconstruction project.

Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi extended his thanks to all the employees of the Department of Public Works who worked on the restoration and reconstruction of the windmill, the Żurrieq Local Council, and the volunteers who cooperated continuously to ensure the completion of this project.


Prime Energy Drinks To Be Investigated For High Caffeine Levels

Prime Energy Drinks To Be Investigated For High Caffeine Levels
Jul 11 2023 Share

Prime Energy, the popular drink endorsed by influencers and gaining viral attention, is now under scrutiny due to concerns about its high caffeine levels, which may pose potential risks. 

Senator Chuck Schumer has called upon the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to launch an investigation into Prime Energy. Each can of the drink reportedly contains 200mg of caffeine, equivalent to roughly two cans of Red Bull or six cans of Coke.

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Schumer expressed worry about the drink’s impact on children, stating that it has become a coveted status symbol among kids this summer. He labeled it a “serious health concern” targeting young individuals. 

Prime drinks were created by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, and their sale has caused chaos in supermarkets since their release. 

Videos surfaced online depicting people pushing and shoving to obtain Prime Hydration drinks, and KSI even urged fans to stop purchasing the drink at exorbitant prices, as reports indicated bottles were being sold for up to £100 each.

Two variants of Prime drinks exist: Hydration, which does not contain caffeine, and Energy, which does. 

A representative from Prime emphasized the significance of distinguishing between the two, as they are “vastly different” products. 

They stated that Prime Energy contains a caffeine amount comparable to other popular energy drinks and complies with the legal limits in the countries where it is sold. 


44% Of Maltese Are Very Satisfied With Their Sex Life

44% Of Maltese Are Very Satisfied With Their Sex Life
Jul 11 2023 Share

According to a newly released survey by Willingness’ Sex Clinic, 44.0% of respondents in Malta felt very happy with their sex life, with only 2.9% feeling not happy at all.

Women felt ever so slightly happier with their sex life than men, with females registering a 4.15 score and males a 4.09 score.

Meanwhile, the younger the age group, the more satisfied they tended to feel with their sex life, with 18 to 25 year olds ranking a score of 4.37 (quite happy). The only age group which registered a much lower satisfaction rate was the 66+ age group at 3.53 ranking.

In terms of education level, those in trade schools reported the highest satisfaction at 4.33. this was followed by tertiary and post-secondary levels.

When it comes to activity status, those who were working reported a 4.32 satisfaction rate, whereas students/unemployed, those fulfilling domestic tasks and pensioners all registering ratings in the medium (3.0-3.9 category).

Married people and those in a relationship reported a high satisfaction with their sex lives, with single people and separated/divorced/annulled individuals reporting lower. 

Finally, those with a 15% income tax bracket reported a much more satisfying sex life. Those with a 0% tax bracket reported a 3.58 satisfaction rate. 


Here’s What Went Down At The Malta Throwdown

Here's What Went Down At The Malta Throwdown
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The Malta Throwdown was held from 7th to 9th July 2023 at San Anton School, Mgarr, Malta.

With 3 islands to explore and direct flights from most European countries, Malta proved to be the ideal competition destination. The Malta Throwdown attracts people from all over Europe including Latvia, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, and Belgium, boasting the local sports scene as well as tourism. 

The competition was split into the below divisions: 

  • RX Individual women and men
  • Intermediate Individual women and men
  • Teams of 3 (MMF)
  • Scaled women and men

To qualify, athletes had to perform the qualifying workouts, which were released from 22nd March until 12th April. One workout per week was assigned, and athletes had to provide a video. 

RX Women: 

  • Santa Ozolina
  • Fedra Szakolczai

RX Men: 

  • Uldis UPENIEKS
  • Antonios Makaronas
  • Sam Whitworth

Intermediate Women: 

  • Luana Vella
  • Anastasia Plyushkina PLYUSHKINA
  • Suzie Buttigieg 

Intermediate Men: 

  • Ryan Huston
  • Paul Blondat 
  • Vasileios Diamantidis 

Scaled Women

  • Ria Mifsud 
  • Chayenne Muscat 
  • Theresa Rosenstatter 

Scaled Men:

  • Mel Magro
  • Jesmar Baldacchino 

Teams (male, male + female) 

  • Fortisgo Poland
  • Next Up
  • Raw Team 

This event was hosted by CrossFit 356 and CrossFit F15. Sponsored by, VisitMalta, Malta Nutrition, Oakberry, Born Primitive.