Żigużajg defends ‘Gender Boss’ show after PN MP’s concerned post

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Żigużajg defends 'Gender Boss' show after PN MP's concerned post

After Shadow Culture Minister Julie Zahra raised concerns on social media to echo worried parents about a Żigużajg showcase cornering gender fluidity, the renowned festival replied with an official statement for ‘Gender Boss.’ 

The performance is described as a ‘multidisciplinary performance aimed at teaching youngsters about gender fluidity’. Set to entertain the idea that gender is playful and malleable, concerns were raised due to it being aimed at kids aged 8 to 10. 

Żigużajg insisted that ‘Gender Boss’ is in no way a ‘brainwashing tool’ or an ‘act of prejudice’, and is devised by accomplished artists who have received assistance from experts in the field to ‘promote acceptance and understanding of diversity.’ 

This came after Żahra asked whether ‘sociologists, anthropologists, sexologists, psychologists and other experts’ were consulted for advice as the performance could ‘have an opposite effect to that intended on young children.’

The post by Żahra was called out by the likes of ADPD’s Sandra Gauci and Mina Jack Tolu, the MGRM, Volt’s Co-President Alexia DeBono, Allied Rainbow Communities community manager Clayton Mercieca and even Culture Minister Owen Bonnici.


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Photos of domestic violence victims stuck on Home Affairs Ministry front door

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Photos of domestic violence victims stuck on Home Affairs Ministry front door

A group of activists stuck placards at the Home Affairs Ministry’s front door ahead of the 8th March Women’s Day Protest. 

Moviment Graffiti, along with MGRM, Doctors for Choice Malta, Women’s Rights Foundation and Young Progressive Beings called for justice in cases of violence against women ahead of the protest. 

The placards showed victims of domestic violence last year as well as signs that read ‘We’re sick and tired’ and ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’.

The statement said that ‘over the years, we have seen pathetic police inaction which could have prevented serious crimes such as domestic violence and femicide, lack of information and lack of coordination, as in the case of Bernice Cilia.’ 

The activists called out Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri and Justice Minister Jonathan Attard as having ‘repeatedly promised to implement the right reforms and increase resources, but have failed to deliver.’ 

The theme of the protest is Women United Against Injustice, after ‘witnessing several injustices that women in our society face every day, especially when they seek justice through our institutions.’ 

‘It is clear: our justice system is actually an unjust system for women.’ The protest march will be held this Wednesday, 8th March at 5.30 pm and will start at the Triton Fountain in Floriana. 


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Man helps scooter driver who falls off vehicle

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Man helps scooter driver who falls off vehicle

A video shared by TikTok user @clowndriversmalta shows a man falling off his scooter in what seems to be the Ħal Far area.

The video was filmed via a camera seemingly attached on the inside of a car, showing a e-scooter user falling off the vehicle in a curved turn. 


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Following the incident, a man quickly rushes to aid the victim, as the victim picks up one of his belongings. 

It is unsure to what extent the man was injured but MaltaDaily massively commends the man who rushed to his aid.


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Space organisations to decide on time zone for moon

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Space organisations to decide on time zone for moon

Have you ever wondered what time it is on the moon? Well, to be fair, Earth’s time zones are also established by convention so the moon itself does not have a timezone. 

However, given that more lunar missions are currently being planned, space organisations around the world are considering how best to keep time on Earth’s only natural satellite. 

The idea came up during a meeting in the Netherlands late last year as participants agreed on the urgent need to establish ‘a common lunar reference time’. 

Navigation system engineer Pietro Giordano said in a statement that a ‘joint international effort is now being launched towards achieving this.’ 

Currently, the moon runs on the time of the country that is operating the spacecraft. However, European space officials said an internationally accepted lunar time zone would make it easier for everyone. 

This, given that more countries and even private companies aim for the moon, as well as NASA, gets set to send astronauts onto the moon. 

The problem of time zone arose when NASA struggled while designing and building the International Space Station. The space station doesn’t have its own time zone as it runs on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is based on atomic clocks. This helps split the time difference between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, and the other partnering space programs in Russia, Japan and Europe. 


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