YouTube SuperGroup The Sidemen are Currently in Malta

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A number of photos have been doing the rounds on multiple social media platforms over the past hours showing YouTube supergroup the Sidemen and acquaintances in Malta.


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Vik, Simon, Tobi and Josh from the Sidemen, together with close friends Chip, Callux and Calfreezy were spotted wandering about the streets of Valletta and a number of other locations. A particular Reddit entry has suggested that Vikkstar123’s wedding will be taking place in Malta. To further fuel the speculation fire, a TikTok post with Vik and his fiancée against a backdrop of Valletta is currently going viral.
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Sliema Residents Protest Waste, Lack Of Enforcement & More

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Sliema Residents Protest Waste, Lack Of Enforcement & More

Taking to the streets, many residents from Sliema protested against the lack of enforcement when it comes to waste management, e-scooter abuse and other social issues impacting the localities. 

The citizens, who met at Fond Għadir, Tower Road Sliema, voiced their frustration about the state of their locality. 

With tables and chairs on pavements, double parkings rendering the roads into single lane use, lack of parking, apartments being occupied beyond their capacity, drainage leakages on bays and in the surrounding waters and much, much more. 

Speaking on behalf of the Sliema Residents’ Association, Astrid Vella said that ‘over the last 10 years, we have increased with almost 3000 apartments, over a 100 permits for restaurants and bars, and have proposals for 11 more hotels.’

‘We don’t need these. We need more funding for our local councils. We are accommodating the tourists that the rest of the country benefits from, but we’re not getting more budget.’ 



New Open Space Inaugurated In Baħar Iċ-Ċagħaq

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New Open Space Inaugurated In Baħar Iċ-Ċagħaq

Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, together with Mayor of Naxxar Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami, inaugurated the renovation of an open space known as ‘Ġnien Santa Marija tal-Anġli’ in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq in the limits of Naxxar. 

This open space serves as a recreational space for the community as well as the families who visit. 

The space saw maintenance works taking place in the recreation zone for kids as well as the placement of new pavements, new lighting systems which consume less energy as well as a new CCTV camera system. 

Extensive work on the security of the zone was also done to avoid the potential for vandalism in the zone. 

The Minister thanked the workers of the Department of Public Works for their effort and hard works, as they gave the space a new refurbished look and made it safer for all. 

He expressed how such projects show that the government is using all the available resources to be a shoulder for the local councils to carry out projects in our communities. 

On her part, the mayor expressed her own appreciation for the workers, saying that after many years of vandalism and abandonment, the garden can once again be enjoyed by the public. 

Present for the inauguration were the General Director for the Public Works Department, Architect Stephen Bonello, as well as various architects and workers from the department who worked on the project. 



One Last Time with G7 Fridays! Malta’s BIGGEST Club Night is Closing This Friday

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One Last Time with G7 Fridays! Malta's BIGGEST Club Night is Closing This Friday

If we’re talking perfect summer moments, this season was a truly remarkable for G7 Events, Malta’s leading event & club night organisers, and one final summer moment awaits this Friday at the MASSIVE G7 Fridays Closing!

Apart from immensely successful festivals like Isle of MTV Malta Music Week & World Club Dome Island Edition, G7 Events made a significant impact on Malta’s clubbing scene with 15 weeks of legendary G7 Fridays at the Gianpula Main Room. As the summer season draws to a close, we can’t wait to close it in style.

Summer 2023 will culminate with the grand finale of G7 Fridays. The closing night promises an impressive lineup featuring a roster of local favourites including Cleaven, Debrii, D-Rey, Gabii, Koroma, Miggy, Nagem, Sar and Wayne. Additionally, Supre will be handling MC duties, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Bid farewell to the summer in style at the G7 Fridays Closing and secure your tickets now.



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