Young Palestinian Girl Selah Visits Gozo Primary School

Apr 26 2024 Share

Selah the Palestinian girl who is undergoing treatment in Malta, yesterday visited Sir Arturo Mercieca Primary School in Gozo. The girl unfortunately suffered a major trauma before she arrived in Malta, when her mother and sister were killed during an attack.

Her visit was made possible thanks to Palestinian Ambassador Fadi Hanina and his collaborators. The aim was for the children to understand more about the importance of peace and reconciliation.

The school made Selah feel at ease and at home with both teachers and students showing their admiration towards her by welcoming her in the school hall and performing various acts to her to cheer her up.

The children also gave her various gifts including books and toys.

At the end of the assembly, Ambassador Fadi Hanina thanked the school community for their warm welcome and hospitality shown to Selah. Another unique experience for all of us.


Dog ‘Keeps’ Owner On Diet By Eating Her Lunch

Dog 'Keeps' Owner On Diet By Eating Her Lunch
Apr 26 2024 Share

A post uploaded to local Facebook group RUBS PUPPY LOVE has a Dalmatian ‘keeping’ their owner on a strict diet – by eating her lunch.

The post was of course a joke, with the owner, Nat Asha, sharing an adorable photo of her pet dog with a guilty face and some tin foil on the floor.

‘Mummy had lunch but I mistakenly ate it’, wrote the owner, as if it’s the dog speaking. ‘But I did so intentionally so that she stops complaining that she’s getting fat ahead of summer. Mummy does not appreciate’.

The post racked up over 200 reactions and 51 comments.


‘Donation Rings’: Recycling & Helping Those In Need Made Easy

'Donation Rings': Recycling & Helping Those In Need Made Easy
Apr 26 2024 Share

In Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, an innovative trash can with a built-in beverage caddy has caught the attention of visitors.

This unique design serves a dual purpose: addressing waste disposal and facilitating recycling. The Netherlands has implemented a deposit system for bottles and cans, incentivizing recycling by adding a €0.15 fee to purchases, refundable upon returning the container.

However, carrying empty bottles to reclaim deposits can be inconvenient for many. The introduction of “donation rings” on trash cans simplifies this process.

These rings allow people in need to collect discarded bottles, retrieve the deposit, and pocket the money.

This was highlighted by Maltese personal trainer and online coach Josef Mizzi, who urged both Malta and the UK to take up the practice.

This approach streamlines recycling efforts, reduces waste, and benefits those facing financial challenges. The ingenious solution exemplifies Dutch pragmatism and demonstrates how simple yet effective ideas can address societal issues.

Amsterdam’s adoption of this innovation underscores the power of creative problem-solving in fostering a more sustainable and equitable society.


Maltese Football Fan Shocks Iconic News Outlet Gazzetta Dello Sport

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A local Maltese football fan has shocked major and iconic Italian news outlet Gazzetta Dello Sport managing to name the majority of Inter players past and present shown to her.

Maltese people immediately noticed that she was Maltese when she uttered out the iconic Maltese phrase “Madonna” when she couldn’t remember one of the player’s names.

The woman who is reportedly an Inter fan must be happy as she got to see her team win the league for the 20th time and their second star against their eternal cross city rivals Ac Milan.

The video has made the rounds around Malta and Italy with it amassing an astonishing 207k views and approximately 8,000 likes.

The woman is a prime example of the passion the majority of Maltese fans have for football and the club they support whether they are a local team or foreign team.


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