Young boy who saved his sister spends day with Tom Holland on Spider-Man set

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Young boy who saved his sister spends day with Tom Holland on Spider-Man set

Are you ready for some of the most wholesome content you’ll read about today? Bridger Walker, merely 6 years old, was brutally mauled by a dog after he tried to save his sister from an attack by the canine last year. 

When asked why he stepped in, he said that if someone had to die, he thought it should be him. He suffered some brutal injuries, needing 90 stitches on his face alone.

His heroic deed however caught the attention of Tom Holland, the MCU’s veery own Spider-Man, who promised Bridger to take some time and meet the young lad. 


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The boy’s father, Robert, posted to Instagram how Tom, Zendaya and the entire Marvel/Sony cast made Bridger’s dream come true. Now 7, Bridger got to be attached to Holland and web-sling through the air. 

The father expressed that he was a bit worried that once ‘the curtain of the special effects is lifted’ the kids would be disappointed with the reality behind the movies. However, the opposite was true, giving Bridger the experience of a lifetime. 

He also praised Holland and Zendaya as being some of the most graceful actors in all of Hollywood. He even thanked Zendaya for complimenting his daughter’s nails, saying it meant a lot to her. 


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Foreign countries reducing quarantine periods – should Malta follow suit?

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Foreign countries reducing quarantine periods - should Malta follow suit?

This holiday season, a debate has been ongoing as to how long a person should self-isolate if they don’t have any symptoms and are fully vaccinated after testing positive. 

US health officials warn that given the highly transmissible Omicron and Delta variants, more people are expected to get infected with the virus. Anyone who has the virus should isolate for 10 full days, current guidance from the US CDC states. 

But recent talks indicate that countries are reconsidering this number. In England for example, people who test positive will be able to stop self-isolating up to three days early if they have two negative lateral flow test results. 

British Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed today that those with COVID can leave isolation earlier if they have negative lateral flow tests on days six and seven of their quarantine period. 

Elsewhere, Dr Leana Wen, a CNN medical analyst said that ‘we should have as short of a time period needed for isolation as possible for a number of reasons.’

She argued for shorter isolation periods for healthcare workers, who are needed on the workforce. She also said that shorter isolation periods would incentivise people to find out if they’re positive or not. 

Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also revealed to be considering shortening recommended isolation time for those fully vaccinated or even boosted. 

Should Malta follow suit and update it’s quarantine measures for those who test positive? The update could potentially change how we view the entire pandemic situation, especially in relation to the economy and mental health issues caused by quarantine. 



Breaking: Justyne Caruana resigns from Education Minister

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Breaking: Justyne Caruana resigns from Education Minister

It has just been confirmed that Education Minister Justyne Caruana has resigned from her post, following a damning report released by the Standards Commissioner. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela has accepted Caruana’s resignation, after having recently stated that everyone in government should shoulder responsibility. 

This also comes after members of the UHM teacher’s union UPE sent a symbolic ‘pudding’ to the now former education minister. Union of Professional Educators executive head Graham Sansone said this week that Caruana earned the union’s ‘pudina’ for ‘blunder that has irritated so many hard-working educators.’

The Nationalist Party had also written to the Speaker of the House calling for a Standards Committee meeting to be held this week to discuss Caruana. “We believe that the Speaker should take the necessary steps and ensure that the Committee on Standards in Public Life meets urgently.”

Justyne Caruana took to Facebook to announce the resignation. She said that she entered politics to serve and that she was never tied to the seat of power. She therefore felt that this would be the best decision for the government and the Labour Party. 


Photo Source: Justyne Caruana FB, Robert Abela FB

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Malta registers the highest number of daily cases at 582

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Malta registers the highest number of daily cases at 582

Malta has registered a record-breaking amount of daily cases at 582, bringing up the number of active cases to a whopping 2991. 

The last time Malta registered more than 500 daily cases was on the 10th of March 2021 at 510 cases. 

Yesterday’s registered daily cases also breaks the second highest record with 386 new cases. 

Two people, aged 52 and 53, sadly passed away due to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. 

Despite these worrying numbers, hospitalisation remains significantly low, with 47 patients currently being treated at Mater Dei, 4 of whom being in the ITU. 

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne had emphasised how hospitalisations are the main factor to consider at this point given the vaccination rollout. 

Health authorities are pushing for people to get their booster shot to curb the spike which is dominating Europe. Till yesterday, 1,019,517 doses of the vaccine were administered, 177,989 of which were booster shots. 


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