Yada ‘N’ Heels fans outraged; start petition following controversial Malta’s Got Talent replacement

Nov 20 2020 Share

Programmes like X Factor and Malta’s Got Talent have their fair share of controversy, no less in Maltese television, as outraged Yada ‘N’ Heels fans start a petition following their replacement due to COVID-19 issues.

Fellow dancer Izzy is set to take their place, sparking outrage amongst TV viewers who are calling the move ‘unjust’ and started a petition to bring back the trio in the second or third semi-finals.

Do you think their removal was unjust? Or is it just the way things go? Let us know!

The petition can be found here.


Maltese Artists send message of hope to local creators with new track ‘Home’

Nov 20 2020 Share

Of all the industries that COVID-19 has affected, the arts and entertainment industry is one of the foremost sectors which felt the effects of the pandemic, with live performance venues being the first to close and last to open.

Local DJ Debrii has collaborated with upcoming vocalist Martina and violinist Maria Cini to send a message of hope with a track called ‘Home.’

The project also includes Oxygn’s Kurt Abela, The InSynk Collective and visual artist Samwel Borg to promote the sense of collaboration and motivation that the industry truly need.

You can stream the track on Spotify here:


Matthew James and Ira Losco collaborate on latest single ‘In the Rain’

Nov 20 2020 Share

The last quarter of 2020 has been a good time for Maltese music, more-so for singer-songwriter Matthew James as he collaborates with fan favourite Ira Losco to bring heartfelt track ‘In The Rain.’

The bittersweet single comes after Matthew James broke into the electronic scene with electro-pop outfit Mteam alongside Micimago, Mr.M and Kugene as well as funky collaboration ‘Just A Little bit More’ with The Busker.

The track and accompanying music video are available to stream on YouTube:


Luke Mercieca breaks into the scene with pop-rock track ‘A Place We Were Good’

Nov 20 2020 Share

No stranger to the arts and entertainment scene, Luke Mercieca finally made the leap from drama to music as he releases his first single ‘A Place We Were Good’.

Going with the stage name ‘Luke Cieca’, his new track is a heartfelt pop-rock track which he is excited to have released after 10 years of keep his songwriting to himself. 

The track is produced by familiar face Matthew James Borg and is available to stream on YouTube, accompanied by a music video: