Xewkija garden to become Gozo’s first carbon neutral open space

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Ġnien il-Kunsill in Xewkija will become Gozo’s first carbon neutral garden through a project by Project Green and the Xewkija Local Council. The garden will include a wind tree, kinetic flooring, and other innovative renewable energy technologies.

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli, Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri, Xewkija Mayor Hubert Saliba and Project Green CEO Steve Ellul, announced details of the project during a visit to this garden, which will be transformed into an eco-garden powered by renewable energy generated within the same site.

The plans submitted to the Planning Authority propose the regeneration of this 744-square-metre garden into a self-sufficient green open space, with new reservoirs and advanced irrigation systems that reduce water waste, new trees and shrubs, and solar-powered light poles. Project Green and the Local Council will also introduce other renewable energy systems, including a wind tree, which generates electricity through small wind turbines, and kinetic flooring, an innovative technology with surfaces that convert visitors’ kinetic energy into electricity as they walk, work out or run over them.

The garden’s play equipment will be replaced with kinetic jumping pods and spring riders that generate lights and sounds as children play with them. New climbing structures, slides and tunnels that blend in with the garden’s environment, and a balancing trail made of recycling plastic are also included in the garden’s new design.

The garden will also have USB charging stations and benches for persons who visit this open space to work or study. Project Green is also proposing circular benches around some of the garden’s existing trees. Pathways will not be covered in concrete or other impermeable surface but will instead be formed out of mesh and gravel, to increase rainwater absorption.

Minister Miriam Dalli explained that the opening of Malta’s first carbon neutral garden in Kalkara last year was very positively received, and the Environment Ministry and its entities are working to create more of these sustainable open spaces. Minister Clint Camilleri stated that he looks forward to seeing the first eco garden in Gozo.

Xewkija Mayor Hubert Saliba and Project Green CEO Steve Ellul explained that the two entities are making the necessary preparations to complete this project by the end of 2024. The Mayor explained that the application for the required development permits has already been submitted and the public call for the required materials and services will be issued later this year.

Project Green CEO said that the works contract will also include a 10-year maintenance plan, in line with the Agency’s commitment to longer-lasting, properly-maintained green open spaces that can continue to be enjoyed by the community for many years.


Shaun Farrugia Interrupted by Massive Gust of Wind during Valletta Busking Gig

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To make up for his cancelled Farsons Beer Festival Gig on August 5th, Shaun Farrugia told his fans that he would be taking to Valletta’s iconic Triton Fountain for a unique busking session… and he was definitely met with the elements.


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Beyond the fact that the local star was performing in boiling hot weather, Farrugia’s busking gig went rather well, with more and more people approaching him before he and his spectators were hit by a small cyclone, dragging bag and guitar case into the fountain.

Farrugia attempted to recover his possessions after what he called ‘one of the most unexpected things to ever happen to him whilst singing’, getting drenched in the process. In a video posted to Instagram, he said (hopefully jokingly) that he took yesterday as a lesson to never go busking again.

Performing tracks like ‘Dear God’ and many others, Shaun’s Wednesday morning gig in Valletta is the latest of his local performances and, if his latest releases are anything to go by, we can’t wait for his next concert!



Celebration Cake For Sarah As She Finishes Treatment

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Celebration Cake For Sarah As She Finishes Treatment

An absolutely wholesome moment was shared by Puttinu Cares after a ‘No More Treatment’ cake was gifted to little Sarah as she wraps up her treatment. 

Celebrating at Rainbow Ward along with her family and the staff at the ward, the smile on Sarah’s face says it all! 



Maltese Crisps Flavours We Wish Were Actually Real

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Maltese Crisps Flavours We Wish Were Actually Real

From pastizzi to rabbit stew, Maltese cuisine is a treat for the taste buds. But what if these iconic dishes were transformed into crispy, crunchy snacks? In this whimsical exploration, we’re diving into the realm of culinary imagination to uncover 5 Maltese crisps flavours we wish actually existed.


Imagine biting into a crisp that captures the essence of Malta’s beloved pastizzi. These flaky pastries, typically filled with ricotta cheese or peas, would make for an extraordinary chip flavour. The crispy texture of the chip would mimic the outer layer of the pastizz, while the seasoning would mimic the savoury, cheesy interior. This flavour would be an ode to the traditional snack while adding an unexpected twist to snack time.

Stuffat tal-Fenek

Rabbit stew, known as ‘Stuffat tal-Fenek’, is a hearty Maltese dish that combines tender rabbit meat with a flavourful tomato-based sauce. Transforming this dish into a chip flavour would be a daring move, but the result could be surprisingly delightful. The chips could boast the rich, tangy taste of tomatoes alongside hints of aromatic herbs and spices. This flavour would certainly be a conversation starter and a nod to Malta’s culinary heritage.

Ġbejniet tal-Bżar

Ġbejniet tal-Bżar, or Peppered Cheeselets, are small, round cheeselets seasoned with pepper and other spices. Bringing this unique flavour to crisps would mean infusing the chips with the tangy creaminess of cheese, followed by a burst of pepper heat. The combination of creamy and spicy in one bite would be an exciting departure from the typical chip flavours and a tribute to Maltese dairy delights.

Zalzett Tal-Malti

Zalzett Tal-Malti, or Maltese Sausage, is a distinctive sausage seasoned with a blend of traditional spices. Channeling this distinct flavour into chips would introduce an enticing blend of herbs, garlic, and aromatic spices, all harmoniously captured in each crispy bite. This flavour would transport snackers to a bustling Maltese market where the aroma of sausages fills the air.


Imqarrun, a comforting dish of baked pasta, is a staple in Maltese households. Infusing this flavour into crisps would involve encapsulating the essence of pasta, tomato sauce, and melted cheese into every chip. The result could be a delightful medley of cheesy, tangy, and slightly savoury notes, capturing the essence of a cozy family meal in a convenient snack form.

While these Maltese crisps flavours may exist solely in the realm of imagination, they serve as a playful reminder of the rich culinary tapestry that Malta offers.While we may not find Pastizzi-flavoured chips on the supermarket shelves anytime soon, the mere thought of these whimsical flavours is enough to evoke a sense of adventure and appreciation for the culinary wonders of Malta.


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