Wuhan lab COVID-19 leak gains traction with US report

 - COVID-19 - Jun 8
Wuhan lab COVID-19 leak gains traction with US report

A US government national laboratory report on the origins of COVID-19 having been leaked from a Wuhan lab is being considered plausible and deserving of further investigation. The Wall Street Journal reported this on Monday, revealing that the study was prepared in May 2020. Drawing on genomic analysis of the virus, the study was prepared by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, which defined to comment on the Wall Street Journal Report.

President Joe Biden revealed that intelligence agencies are considering two scenarios – that the virus leaked due to a laboratory accident or that it emerged from human contact with infected animals. US officials have also accused China of not being transparent about the origins of COVID-19. A conclusion is yet to be decided upon.


Photo Source: The Indian Express

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