World’s oldest person Kane Tanaka dies aged 119 in Japan

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World’s oldest person Kane Tanaka dies aged 119 in Japan

Kane Tanaka, the woman certified as the world’s oldest person, has just passed away at the age of 119. 

Tanaka was born back in January 2nd 1903 in the southwest region of Fukuoka, Japan. This is the same year the Wright brothers flew for the first time and Marie Curie became thee first woman to win a Nobel Prize. 

The board game loving Tanaka was in relatively good health until recently, living in a nursing home solving math problems and eating chocolate. Tanaka ran several businesses when she was younger. 

She heralded a noodle shop as well as a rice cake tore. She got married in 1922, which is a century ago. She gave birth to four children and went on to adopt a fifth. 

Were it not for the pandemic, she would have used a wheelchair to participate in the torch relay for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Local governor Seitaro Hattori announced she passed away on April 19th. 

Japan has the world’s most elderly population, with around 28% aged 65 or over. The oldest ever living person verified by Guinness was Frenchwoman Jeanne Louise Calment, who died aged 122 years and 164 days in 1997. 


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WATCH: Cliff diver tours some of Malta’s highest iconic cliffs

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WATCHP: Cliff diver tours some of Malta’s highest iconic cliffs

German cliff diver Hanes, along with a group of other adrenaline-seeking companions, has set his sights to Malta’s sea-side heights as his next challenge. 

Hanes has been trying out some of Europe’s most challenging cliff-dives along with his friends, performing stunts and flips as they soar off the edge into the water.

Malta is no stranger to cliff divers as it offers adrenaline junkies some of the tallest edges to leap off of as well as crystal blue seas to welcome the dive. Hanes was filmed hitting some notable points around Malta and Gozo, making every dive look effortless.


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However, there is a dark side to Malta’s cliff diving history, as several reports throughout the years highlighted injuries, reckless behaviour and even death as the thrill seekers sought out their next stunt.

Back in 2011, a video was uploaded by young British tourists as they jumped off areas such as it-Tieqa in Dwejra. Some ended up with back injuries, with one even having to be airlifted to Mater Dei hospital after jumping off a building forming part of Lazzaretto in Manoel Island. 


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Maltese beaches welcome people as temperatures soar

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Maltese beaches welcome people as temperatures soar

We can finally say that the summer vibes have started as Maltese beaches have started to welcome beachgoers as temperatures soar almost overnight. 

Mellieha’s Ghadira Bay saw a substantial turn out of beachgoers over the weekend, propping up their deckchairs and umbrellas to welcome the summer weather. 

These first three days of the week starting 25th April are set to feel like 23 degrees Celsius – a massive shift from last weeks chilly winds which also posed a bit of a safety hazard. 

The weather is also set to remain sunny and fair, with UV also kicking up to 8 and 9 by Wednesday. So it is finally time to bring out the sun cream, towels and sunglasses and head to the closest bay or beach.

However, the week is not set to remain as sunny as the way it started. A possible thunderstorm is expected for Thursday, followed by a cloudy weekend. If that isn’t confusing, we don’t know what is. 


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Car stuck in sand at Mellieha Bay as summer kicks in

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As Malta seems to be bracing for a sudden shift towards some long-awaited summer vibes, it seems as though the winds were way ahead of us. 

The rough winds, racking up to Force 9 and 10 by the end of last week, blasted sand all over streets of Mellieha. This lead to one poor fellow’s car getting stuck in the sand, despite efforts by the clearing department to clear the roads. 

Images show people surrounding and trying to pull out a car out of a massive pile of sand, which formed after the winds whipped up a mini sandstorm. 

This comes as people start to flock to bays, one of them being the island’s iconic Golden Bay, to enjoy the sunlight, heat and sea. 


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