World sensation: A.I. developed and tasted its own energy drink

World sensation: A.I. developed and tasted it’s own energy drink
May 28 2024 Share

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the world of energy drinksit not only created what it considers the perfect recipe – but also tasted it. 
The world’s first energy drink entirely powered by A.I. has been developed by HELL ENERGY. Design, recipe, tasting and meticulous taste evaluation, predictive intelligence, security measures, marketing elementsevery aspect has been expertly crafted by advanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) systems. 
The vast amount of information and knowledge available on the World Wide Web is utilized by A.I. It can process and uncover connections at a speed that is almost incomprehensible to humans. Additionally, it possesses comprehensive knowledge about energy drinks, encompassing their ingredients, sales results, health research, recommendations, and consumer feedback. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate the latest trends and information into its analyses. 

When HELL ENERGY commissioned A.I. to develop a new energy drink tailored to its needs, the artificial intelligence processed a vast amount of information and formulated what it deemed the best recipe. The A.I. not only considered consumer expectations from an energy drink but also prioritized the goal of creating a superior and more enjoyable beverage. 
As the most intelligent entity in the world at present, A.I. deemed the recipe it formulated to be perfect. It enhanced the energy drink with vitamins, amino acids, and herbs while ensuring compliance with food industry legislation, including the optimization of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) recommendations and adherence to the recommended daily allowance (RDA) standards. 
The A.I. created three flavour variations for fine-tuning and digitized them using the technology of a New York-based company. After tasting [yes, tasting, not testing] all three drinks and analysing extensive data and statistics, the A.I. utilized predictive intelligence to select the winning flavour. Thus, the truly unique and refreshing Tutti-frutti & Berry-blast flavour was born. This ground-breaking development represents the first time artificial intelligence has carried out such a sophisticated product development process within the energy drink sector. 
The recipe is kept strictly confidential, and in order to protect it, the A.I. provided recommendations. It is stored on a single computer in HELL ENERGY’s Hungarian factory, equipped with advanced security elements. The design of the room housing the machine was also developed by artificial intelligence. However, recognizing the importance of backup measures, a copy of the recipe is kept securely in a vault in Switzerland. 
After such extensive involvement, it would come as no surprise that the packaging of the new energy drink was also designed by A.I. The beverage can embodies the latest trends, exuding a youthful and cool vibe. While incorporating the colour scheme of HELL ENERGY, the A.I. also infused its own digital style into the design 
Since the new product, ‘HELL A.I.,’ is truly the result of an extraordinary and unique process unparalleled at a global level, the company’s employees were eager to subject the new energy drink to testing under conventional conditions. As a result, it underwent rigorous quality control and blind tasting sessions. The success confirmed the A.I.’s capabilities! 
The A.I. also represents a tremendous perspective in the field of product development, pushing beyond previously unimaginable boundaries and ushering in a new era for the food industry. With the A.I.’s capabilities, it can swiftly sort and analyse vast amounts of internet data in mere minutes or seconds, drastically reducing the product development cycle from 1-2 years (or at best, half a year) to as little as 1 month. This process is the result of coordinated efforts, as multiple A.I. systems, each excelling in different areas, collaborate on the development. With over a hundred A.I. systems already in existence worldwide, their collective operation ensures a high level of innovation. 
The new product is produced in the world’s largest state-of-the-art megafactory, by a same-owned corporate group, manufacturing and filling aluminium beverage cans at one location. Annually, it could handle up to 10 billion beverage cans, manufacturing 4 billion and filling 6 billion.


Chinese Scientists Claim Possible Diabetes Cure Found

Chinese Scientists Claim Possible Diabetes Cure Found
May 28 2024 Share

Chinese researchers have announced a groundbreaking achievement: the first reported cure for diabetes through cell therapy.

A 59-year-old patient, who had suffered from type 2 diabetes for 25 years and relied on multiple daily insulin injections, underwent a novel cell transplant in 2021. Since 2022, he has been free from diabetes medication.

The innovative procedure involved creating artificial insulin-producing cells from the patient’s peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

These cells were transformed into “seed cells” that regenerated pancreatic islet tissue in an artificial environment, effectively restoring the patient’s ability to regulate blood sugar. The research was conducted by a team from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, the Centre for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, and Renji Hospital, and was published in the journal Cell Discovery.

Lead researcher Yin Hao highlighted the significance of this breakthrough in regenerative medicine, emphasizing its potential to treat diabetes by leveraging the body’s own regenerative capabilities.

This advancement comes as a major step forward, especially for China, which has the highest number of diabetes patients globally. With 140 million people affected and 40 million dependent on insulin, this cell therapy could significantly reduce the healthcare burden.

Diabetes, particularly type 2, is a chronic condition that affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, often leading to severe complications. This breakthrough offers hope for millions worldwide who struggle with diabetes management.


Court Scenes Not What Malta Should Be About’, Says Metsola

Court Scenes Not What Malta Should Be About', Says Metsola
May 28 2024 Share

Taking to social media, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said that the scenes outside the law courts today ‘are not what Malta should be about.’

‘Today is a reminder of just how hard we all need to work to push our country forward. Of how badly the Prime Minister has lost control,’ said Metsola.

‘We need real leadership. We need this constant Government-fuelled tribalism to stop. Our politics needs to go beyond the Prime Minister’s hyper-partisanship. We need justice to work without political pressure.’

‘Today is a reminder of just how important the election on 8 June is. If you’re still wondering about the value of your vote, look at Valletta today.’

‘This country deserves better – and that is in your hands. Malta and Gozo are worth standing up for.’


Wholesome Moment Maltese Couple Propose In Milan

Wholesome Moment Maltese Couple Propose In Milan
May 28 2024 Share

A Maltese couple just shared one of their fondest experiences together in Milan as Ethe got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend Hayley Ghiller.


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‘The easiest YES I ever said’, Hayley wrote on social media. ‘I am so grateful to have you in my life and can’t wait to embark this new chapter in our lives as Fiance & Fiancee.’