World renowned Italian chef Bruno Barbieri dines in Malta

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World renowned Italian chef Bruno Barbieri dines in Malta

With his restaurants having won up to 7 Michelin Stars, renowned Italian chef, television personality and writer Bruno Barbieri has made his way to Malta to dine in some of the island’s best food spots.

The chef will be spending an entire week on the island and will be filming his popular Italian TV show “4 Hotel”. 

The show will see four hotels competing to showcase their superior hospitality and service, with Barbieri evaluating and judging the hotels’ skills. 

Barbieri became a household name in Italy as a judge on the popular cooking show “MasterChef Italia” and later as host of the food and travel show “4 Hotel”.

He is no stranger to Malta, having visited on several occasions in the past. This includes a trip to aid in the opening and development of Upperfood, a premium Italian food shop, where CEO Fabrizio Crimi was the first one to bring him to Malta for the creation of this concept store.

He is a recognisable face to the public of the Belpaese, thanks to the success he obtained as a judge of the popular cooking program “MasterChef Italia”. 

Filming of “4 Hotel” in Malta, which was made possible thanks to the support of VisitMalta, will end on Friday 27th January, closing off with an event bringing together starred chefs from both Malta and Italy. 

Barbieri will meet fans at an exclusive end of shooting celebration party, organised by Life Events, the leading Event company in Malta, led by Simone Neri. 

Star chef Marvin Gauci is expected to participate in the event, which makes this a must attend for food and entertaining enthusiasts. 


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Three more acts officially move to Malta’s Got Talent Finals

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Three more acts officially move to Malta's Got Talent Finals

Another episode of Malta’s Got Talent Semifinals has just aired and we have our three new finalists revealed! 

After a night full of some of the best the competition had to offer, the first act to compromise the new trio of finalists was Guitar Projects. As an ensemble of guitar rocking youth, the group made the entire audience chant along with them as they closed it off with The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’.

Next in line was Bettina Farrugia, who artistically evolved as Beth, who took spectators for a journey with a self-composed orchestral piece. Beth made sure to remind us all why Gordon hit that Golden Buzzer during the audition phase.

And last but not least, and after a close shave with the also immensely talented Michael Schembri and his rapid Rubik’s Cube solving, were United Performers. The dance group, comprised of various dancers from all styles, schools and backgrounds, filled the stage with colour and music. 

Suffice to say however how the second semifinal contestants all brought their A-Game, with various standouts throughout the night. These included Aiden Cohen’s original song and Mishel’s heartfelt performance with her daughter. 

Dancer Aliyah also filled the stage, despite being a solo act, along with Salvatore Iacona’s voice filling the room. Dale van Rein’s quick card tricks left the judges baffled and Malta BMX had them peering off the panel as they flipped over live bodies and flames. 

Will you be watching next week?



Lunar New Year celebrations in China after 3 years of restrictions

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Lunar New Year celebrations in China after 3 years of restrictions

As the Year of the Rabbit takes over from the Year of the Tiger on January 22nd, millions of families across the world celebrated the Lunary New Year, or Spring Festival, in China. 

The 15 day celebration comes after three years COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, and all see the traditional exchange of ‘red packets’ of money, lion dances, fireworks and, finally, travel.

Chunyun, the 40-day period surrounding the festival, sees many Chinese travel to mainland China to their hometowns to be with their families. This is considered to be the world’s biggest human migration. 

And, given the relaxation of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, more families are expected to be reuniting with their loved ones as they finally celebrate in the way it is meant to be. 

The occasion is observed by many people of Chinese descent and is also commemorated in other Asian countries including South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. 

The previous Year of the Tiger was seen as a symbol of strength, bravery and exorcising evils. This time around, the Year of the Rabbit, which is the fourth animal in the zodiac sequence of 12, is seen as one of great luck. 

People born in the year of the rabbit are believed to be vigilant, witty, quick-minded and ingenious. The zodiac also incorporates five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, which rotate for each year on which the sign falls. 

Coming every 60 years, this Rabbit is believed to be the Water Rabbit, which last came in 1903 and 1963. 


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No minors found in Paceville establishments in 2022: PN MP raises doubts

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No minors found in Paceville establishments in 2022: PN MP raises doubts

Recently elected Nationalist Party MP Albert Buttigieg has raised doubts over Minister Byron Camilleri’s response to his question as to how many minors were found by police in Paceville establishments between January and December of 2022. 

According to the Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality, zero minors were found in any Entertainment Mecca establishment. 

This was in response to question 4697 by Buttigieg, who went on to post to Facebook saying that he hopes the Minister answers more realistically when he asks about how many minors were found drinking or intoxicated with alcohol. 

‘Sometimes I feel like we exist in to different worlds’ said the MP. ‘I invite the Minister to visit Paceville and for the police to be more pro-active!’ 

Buttigieg has raised similar concerns over the years before his election into the cabinet having been the mayor of St Julian’s. He was elected after the passing of Robert Arrigo. 

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