Wine and chicken wing shoplifting woman granted bail

 - Food - Jul 21
Wine and chicken wing shoplifting woman granted bail

A 54-year-old French woman who resided in Naxxar for 15 years has been granted bail after admitting to charges of shoplifting wine and chicken wings from a supermarket. Appearing before magistrate Nadine Lia, it was explained by Inspector Roxanne Tabone how the woman left a Maypole outlet in Naxxar without paying for wine bottles on five separate occasions. On the 19th of July, a packet of chicken wings was added to her shoplift list. 

Supermarket owners contacted police and informed them of the woman putting items in her bad and leaving without paying. The woman plead guilty to five theft counts, repeating her plea after warnings by the court of the consequences of admission. Her lawyer informed court that the client is prepared to pay €500 for the stolen items, even returning a bottle of wine and the chicken wings. 


Photo Source: SeriousEats, PNGHuter

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