Why Cafe Jubilee is a nostalgic cornerstone of Maltese culture

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Why Cafe Jubilee is a nostalgic cornerstone of Maltese culture

When you think about it, the list of restaurants in Malta seems never-ending, but few local establishments carry as much generational respect and nostalgic value as Cafe Jubilee. The celebrated local brand has transcended generations and become a staple in Maltese food lore for its traditional dishes and iconic decor.

From a Sunday afternoon lunch with the family to evening gatherings with fellow socialites over a few glasses of wine, Cafe Jubilee has attracted patrons since it first opened its flagship outlet in Victoria, Gozo in in 1998. Its authentic set-up, retro French décor and traditional dishes were an immediate recipe for success and contributed to the opening of the second outlet in Valletta in 2000.

Staple hand-crafted pastizzi, iconic Nanna’s ravioli with homemade goat’s cheese, theme-appropriate mood music and so much more, Cafe Jubilee is not simply a dining establishment but a local experience ingrained with culture and nostalgia. After all, the restaurant’s mantra is to serve a combination of delicious food and welcoming ambience, and if you’ve been to Cafe Jubilee, you know that’s exactly what you’re in for.

As an added benefit, if you’d like to take some of the goodness home with you, Jubilee Foods offer home-made packaged goods which have become famous across Malta for being genuine, hearty and wholesome. So make sure you up some Nanna’s Cheeselets Ravioli and take them home to Nanna herself!

So if you’re looking for an intimate, cozy environment, wonderful food and a classic Maltese location, you know where to go.


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Four brand new civil protection vehicles inaugurated

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Four brand new civil protection vehicles inaugurated

Addressing a press conference in Kalkara, Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement Byron Camilleri inaugurated four brand new civil protection vehicles. 

This was made possible through an investment of €1.6 million in order to increase the security and protection of Maltese families. 

The vehicles include a heavy rescue vehicle which will be used for major incidents as well as a Hazmat fire fighting vehicle which will assist in accidents concerning radiation and/or chemicals. 

The other two vehicles are forest fire fighting vehicles which will address grass and plant fires in the summer season. The four vehicles will round up a 34 vehicle roster which was purchased in the last two years. 

The Minister stated that the government is continuing to confirm once again that it is working tirelessly to strengthen the civil protection department as well as its workers. 

He reminded the attendees that the investments into the department do not simply concern the vehicles but also in the human resource. This includes a new worker collective agreement, with the department investing no less €350,000 in specialised training between 2020 and today. The spending on more training is forecasted to go beyond another €150,000. 

Minister Camilleri said that the strengthening of this department will only get better in the coming days, as more projects concerning the renovation of old vehicles, the arrival of fire fighting boats and the building of a fire fighting nation in Furjana are set to continue. 


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David Casa nominates Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation for European Citizen’s Prize

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David Casa nominates Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation for European Citizen's Prize

Nationalist MEP David Casa has nominated The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation for the European Citizen’s Prize.

In a press release published by the EPP group, it was highlighted that Casa praised the Foundation for “promoting rule of law, fighting for justice, and striving toward ending impunity.” 

The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation is a non-profit, independent NGO created by Daphne’s sons Matthew, Andrew and Paul after the investigative journalist was assassinated in a car bombing in October 2017.

Casa went on to state that the Foundation has been on the frontline against corruption and has been “a trailblazer for civil society capacity-building during a period in our history when civil society played a vital role.”

David Casa is Malta’s longest serving Member of the European Parliament and forms part of the Nationalist Party.


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WATCH: Queen eats bananas with cutlery so she ‘does not look like a monkey’

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WATCH: Queen eats bananas with cutlery so she ‘does not look like a monkey’

The eating habits of the royal family are some of the most fascinating topics one can read about. The Queen, known for her healthy diet, has developed quite a peculiar way of eating bananas. 

The Queen enjoys eating fruit, but, for bananas, she has a very sophisticated eating method reserved. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth II eats bananas with a knife and fork.

And why you may ask? Well, according to former royal chef Darren McGrady, it’s so she can look less like a monkey when eating the yellow fruit. The fact was revealed in his book ‘Eating Royally’, but his spokesperson confirmed it in 2019. 


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McGrady explained how the Queen preferred to eat the banana by cutting off the top and bottom, slicing through the skin to allow easy removal, chopping the fruit into small pieces and then stabbing them with a fork to eat. 

However, it may strike people weird that monkeys themselves don’t eat bananas like we think they do. Other primates are known to hold a banana by the stem, which we consider the bottom of the fruit.


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