When someone is considering suicide | by Ed’s Common Sense

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Recent events have surely shed light on the lack of mental health awareness being made in Malta and the need for the general public’s education regarding the matter. Mental health and suicide awareness are as important as ever going into 2022 and this week, clinical psychologist & psychotherapist Dr. Edward Curmi brings us a couple of tips for how to react when someone is considering suicide.

Dr. Edward Curmi is also the author of 2 self-help books titled Ed’s Common Sense.

1. Encourage the person to call a mental health helpline or call them yourself so they can guide you

2. Offer reassurance that things can get better

3. Don’t be patronizing or judgmental

4. Encourage the person to communicate with you

5. Be respectful and acknowledge the person’s feelings

6. Offer to help the person take steps to get assistance and support

7. Never promise to keep someone’s suicidal feelings a secret

8. Encourage the person to seek treatment

9. Remove potentially dangerous items from the person’s home, if possible.

If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, reach out or call support line 179 or kellimni.com

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‘It would be a pity if feasts did not return next year’

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‘It would be a pity if feasts did not return next year’

Noel Camilleri, from the ‘Ghaqda Kazini Atal-Banda’, spoke on TVAM about the future of village feasts given the COVID-19 pandemic’s persistence. 

He emphasised the important next step of authorities engaging in detailed discussions to reach an agreement with band clubs about the fate of the Maltese cultural phenomenon. 

Feasts are beloved by many and also involve massive amounts of work by those utterly dedicated to making the feast an event to remember for the entire family. He

Camilleri said that he is delighted that mass events are happening but asked why such activities can occur if feasts do not yet have the permission. 

Should village feasts make a comeback given the context of mass events and the epidemiological situation?


Photo Source: TVAM

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The unexpected Netflix series which is racking perfect scores

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The unexpected Netflix series which is racking perfect scores

If you’re not sure about what your next Netflix binge will be, Riot’s ‘Arcane’ is racking up perfect scores all the way through.

IMDb gave it a 9.4 out of 10 score, Rotten Tomatoes a whopping 100% and Filmy Rating handed it a 94% score – and trust us, it’s well deserved. Netflix itself has rarely seen such universal scores for a series either. 

League of Legends gamers are already going absolutely crazy about it as the 9 episode series takes place within the universe of the game. But fret not, you do not need to be an avid League gamer to figure out what’s going on.

Described as pure art by critics, the show is beautifully animated and builds up game characters into realistic personalities with deep and interesting backgrounds. 

It’s officially out on the platform, having been released in sequences of 3 episodes. And the ending – lets just say the cliffhanger is explosive. 

It could be a while before we get a second season, as this first release took a whopping six years to animate. But the second season has been confirmed due to audiences absolutely devouring this series. 

So if you’re scrolling through Netflix with no idea what to watch – you might want to give Arcane a chance. You won’t be disappointed. 


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WHO expresses concerns over COVID-19 Europe surge

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WHO expresses concerns over COVID-19 Europe surge

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has expressed immense worry about the resurgent spread of COVID-19 all across Europe.

As the entire continent battles a fresh wave of infections, regional director Dr Hans Kluge wanted that 500,000 more deaths could be recorded by march 2022 unless urgent action is taken. Speaking to BBC, Kluge said that an increase in mask wearing could be the first solution. This warning follows several nations reporting high infection rates and many reinstating nation or partial lockdowns. 

Many factors could have contributed to the surge such as the winter season, insufficient vaccine coverage and the regional dominance of the Delta variant. Kluge called for an increased vaccine uptake and the implementation of basic health measures to help control the situation. 

This follows protests sparking up in Austria after the country made vaccination mandatory by next February as well as introducing a nation wide lockdown for all. Slovakia and Czech Republic have also introduced fresh restrictions on those unvaccinated. 

As for Malta, the vaccination rollout allowed Health authorities to not introduce any new restrictions. None were removed however, with active cases also rising. Focus was instead moved onto hospitalisation and deaths. 


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