What Your Tea Drinking Habits Say About You

What Your Tea Drinking Habits Say About You
Jul 11 2024 Share

Tea Gets Cold Before You Even Touch It

You’re a very focused person – so much so that you forget you even made tea. We recommend you keep a thermos next to you and not let a drop of tea go to waste.

You Put Milk In First

A rebel. You like to go against the rules and mix it up once in a while. You also like a bit of attention – I mean, who isn’t surprised by your tea serving?

Overloads It With Sugar

You’re a sweetie – literally. You enjoy down time with your friends but require that sweet sustenance before you move on to the next activity.

Puts NO Sugar At All

You’re a contemplative – you like to have your tea handy so it helps you think through the complex ideas you are tackling, usually in conversation.

Biscuit Dunkers

You make the sweet tooth sugar over-loaders look timid. But you are methodical because you CANNOT let biscuit break off and fall into your drink!

The Exotic Tea Drinker

You’re the well-travelled one who likes to explore new things. You’re always up for tastes that ignite your taste buds – a normally calming experience is an adventure for you!

You’re Still Not Into Tea Yet

What are you doing? How about you try out Tetley’s various flavours for yourself – there’s a taste for everyone!


Labour MP Calls For Parliamentary Committees to Address Abortion and Euthanasia

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Labour MP Michael Farrugia has called for the establishment of ad hoc parliamentary committees to discuss the ethically sensitive issues of surrogacy, abortion, euthanasia, and adoption of frozen embryos. Farrugia emphasised the importance of listening to both Maltese and foreign experts, as well as the public, before formulating policy in these areas.

Speaking during an adjournment speech in parliament on Tuesday, Farrugia highlighted his willingness to withhold his personal views until he has considered expert opinions. “I have my personal views on these issues but I would rather listen to experts and what people have to say before reaching my own conclusions as a legislator,” he stated.

Farrugia pointed out that the World Health Organisation and the EU consider abortion intrinsically linked to women’s health. He stressed the need for a balanced discussion that includes perspectives from both supporters and opponents, as well as experts.

Regarding euthanasia and surrogacy, Farrugia called for similar expert-led discussions. He also noted that while the adoption of frozen embryos was agreed upon in principle during amendments to the IVF law, a specific law is still needed.

Recalling his experience on a parliamentary committee that discussed IVF between 2008 and 2012, Farrugia highlighted the committee’s success in reaching a unanimous position after extensive consultations with experts, including the Italian IVF expert Prof. Gianaroli. Many of the committee’s recommendations were later incorporated into reforms by the Labour government after 2013.

Farrugia also underscored the need for uniform sexual education across all secondary schools, including state, church, and independent institutions. He stressed that students should be informed about all options to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, with education extended to parents as well.

“The time has come for this parliament to set up specific committees to discuss these four key issues so that it can formulate policy,” Farrugia concluded.



MrBeast Becomes First Youtuber To Reach 300 Million Subscribers

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Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has become the first ever YouTuber to reach an insane 300 million subscribers

This incredible milestone came only a month after he managed to overtake Indian music label T-Series as the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world.

It was T-Series that had overtaken YouTube legend Pewdiepie all those years ago but now it seems that an individual has retaken the coveted throne.

Donaldson took to Twitter to celebrate the news stating “I remember freaking out when I hit 300 subscribers 11 years ago.. lol”

MrBeast has become not only a YouTube star but an overall global phenomenon even founding several companies such as Feastables, MrBeast Burger and Team Trees.


New Samsung Products Announced at Galaxy Unpacked Event

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t the 2024 Galaxy Event, which took place yesterday on the 10th of July, Samsung revealed its new products, which will be available on July 24th.

Starting off with the Galaxy Ring, Samsung introduced a ‘new era of wellness’. The ring is fully equipped with three-sensor technology and uses AI to track various health metrics such as sleep, menstrual cycles, and heart rate. It is water-resistant and capable of functioning at ‘500 metres below sea level and 9,000 metres high’. The ring has a 7-day battery life on a single charge.

The Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra were also announced. Like the Galaxy Ring, the watches are primarily marketed towards fitness enthusiasts and are equipped with an ‘enhanced BioActive Sensor’.

The Galaxy Z series is also expanding with the announcement of two new phones, the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6. The Fold6 is capable of folding like a book, while the Flip6 opens vertically to divide the screen into two squares, optimizing portability.

The launch of the standard and Pro versions of the Galaxy Buds3 series was also announced. The new Interpreter mode allows the earphones to translate foreign languages directly into the user’s ear.