What you need to know about FreeHour’s virtual Freshers’

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Freshers’ Week is usually one of the busiest and most anticipated weeks of the scholastic year, which was unfortunately brushed to the side as a result of COVID-19.

Fortunately, Malta’s favourite student platform has taken the initiative to present a month-long, virtual Freshers’ on the FreeHour App!

With 50+ Virtual Stands, Giveaways and a 15-second Tap Challenge which was played over 250,000 times, FreeHour’s Freshers’ went viral & hit the No.1 Spot on the local App Store!



Nationalist Party states concern over shortage of fresh milk

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The Nationalist Party has released a statement in favour of safeguarding the local milk industry, following worries of a shortage in supply of fresh milk. 

The statement brought up the issue of national interest and food security as it addressed the fact that farmers and producers had to face pre-pandemic costs at a decreased rate of consumption.


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Addams Family to get live-action TV reboot from Tim Burton

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The Addams Family is reportedly coming back to TV as director Tim Burton is currently in talks with the creators. 

Burton will be working alongside the developers of TV series ‘Smallville’ as they attempt to revive the classic TV family. 

Allegedly, a bidding war between various platforms, including Netflix, is currently in place but no details regarding its release or cast have been revealed.


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Government to invest €58,000 in nature reserves with BirdLife Malta

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The government has announced a €58,000 into BirdLife Malta’s work on two Natura 2000 sites.

The investment was made public by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning, Aaron Farrugia. The sites concerned are bird sanctuaries in Għadira and the limits of St. Paul’s Bay with have high ecological importance.

The investment will go into the development of a laboratory in Simar, new products, tree-planting mechanisms, security systems and more.

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