What Will The Jean Paul Sofia Public Inquiry Investigate?

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What Will The Jean Paul Sofia Public Inquiry Investigate?

In the aftermath of the tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia due to the collapse of a building under construction, the government has established a public inquiry to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The terms of reference for this public inquiry are comprehensive and aim to shed light on the factors that led to the disaster, evaluate existing regulations, identify potential lapses, and propose measures to prevent such fatalities in the future. Here is an overview of the seven key points of reference that will guide the inquiry process.


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1. Legality of the Site Allocation

The first point of reference in the public inquiry is to ascertain whether the allocation of the construction site to AllPlus Limited by government entities was conducted in accordance with the law. This will involve scrutinizing the allocation process, assessing relevant documentation, and determining if any discrepancies or irregularities occurred during the selection of the site.

2. Relationship between Allocation and Building Collapse

The inquiry aims to establish whether there was a direct relationship between the way the site allocation was made and the subsequent collapse of the building, leading to the tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia. Understanding this connection is vital in identifying potential factors contributing to the structural failure and holding those responsible accountable.

3. Assessment of State Regulations and Enforcement

To ensure accountability and safety standards, the public inquiry will examine whether the state had appropriate regulations in place regarding construction site safety. Furthermore, it will investigate the extent to which these regulations were enforced and adhered to during the planning, development, and construction phases of the ill-fated building.

4. Measures to Prevent Future Fatalities

One of the primary objectives of the public inquiry is to evaluate the adequacy of measures in place to prevent such fatal incidents on construction sites. The inquiry will examine safety protocols, risk assessment procedures, and emergency response plans to determine if they were adequate and effectively implemented.

5. Comprehensive Examination of Planning, Development, and Construction Process

The entire process of planning, development, and construction of the collapsed building will be subjected to meticulous scrutiny. The inquiry will delve into the architectural and engineering decisions, quality control measures, and construction methodologies to identify any shortcomings or negligence that contributed to the building’s collapse.

6. Identification of Entities Failing to Take Action

The public inquiry will investigate if any state entity or authority was aware of potential risks associated with the construction site but failed to take appropriate action to mitigate them. This aspect aims to highlight any bureaucratic or administrative failures that may have contributed to the tragic outcome.

7. Recommendations for Construction Site Health and Safety

Finally, the inquiry board’s key responsibility is to compile a comprehensive report based on the findings and present actionable recommendations for enhancing health and safety measures on construction sites. These recommendations will play a crucial role in preventing similar tragedies and ensuring the welfare of construction workers and the public.

The public inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia marks a crucial step towards uncovering the truth behind the building collapse and enhancing safety standards in the construction industry.

With a clear focus on the seven points of reference, the inquiry board will be well-equipped to examine every aspect of the incident and propose necessary reforms. The completion of the inquiry is expected to take place within five months, followed by the prompt publication of the report.

Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that the government is holding to the duty of publication in releasing the Terms of Reference.

With the family of Jean Paul Sofia consulted in the establishing of the terms, the government expressed it’s willingness to see justice prevail in its totality.

The Nationalist Party welcomed the public inquiry, but noted that were the public inquiry to begin earlier, as has been called for by the Opposition and other activists, justice would have already taken place. ‘Jean Paul’s mother, father and loved ones were left waiting for months asking and pleading.’



Gzira United Advance To 3rd UEFA Europa Conference Qualification Round

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Gzira United Advance To 3rd UEFA Europa Conference Qualification Round

Despite their last match loss against Luxembourger professional football team F91 Diddeleng, Gzira United managed to pass through to the third UEFA Europa Conference Qualification Round. 

The Maroons, as they are locally known, pass to this stage for the second consecutive season – this time after having managed to pass through an aggregate of 3-2. 

Diddeleng scored the initial two goals of the match, with the first finding the net in the 38th minute. The Maltese players managed to keep them away from scoring into the second half, before Samir Hadji scored his second in the 84th minute.


What a match, mixed emotions, mixed feelings….but we’re on to the next round. We always pray to God and to our Lady of Mount Carmel #pray #fyp #fypmalta🇲🇹 #gziramalta #gzira #europaleague

♬ original sound – Gzira United FC

The Maltese however found their chance and took it, with Jose Wilkson scoring in the 87th minute and bringing his team into the 3rd round. 

Gzira will be facing their next opponent depending on who wins the confrontation between Kosovo’s FC Drita and Czech Republic’s Viktoria Plzen. 


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Basketball Coach Accused Of Sexually Abusing 15 Year Old Girl

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Basketball Coach Accused Of Sexually Abusing 15 Year Old Girl

A 15 year old girl, part of a Maltese basketball team competing in Italy, was reportedly sexually abused by her coach between July 3rd and 10th. 

The basketball coach, who pleaded not guilty, had, according to the victim, kissed her and touched her intimately. 

The coach, currently remanded in custody, pleads not guilty to abusing his position by engaging in sexual acts, holding the victim against her will, defilement, subjecting her to sexual acts, seeking sexual favours and causing fear of violence. 

The defence requested bail, arguing that the alleged offence took place a month ago.

On their part, the victim’s lawyer argued that the girl was terrified by the incident, whilst saying that the photos posted by the victim, showing her body, were taken at a recent village feast she attended with her parents. 

The bail request was turned down by Magistrate Victor George Axiak, with a ban on names ordered by the court. 


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UNESCO Recommends Venice To Endangered List

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UNESCO Recommends Venice To Endangered List

Venice is facing a perilous situation as the UN’s cultural agency, Unesco, calls for its inclusion in the list of world heritage sites in danger. 

The iconic Italian city is confronting multiple threats, including overwhelming tourism, overdevelopment, and the rising sea levels attributed to climate change. Unesco’s report highlights the urgent need for better preservation to safeguard Venice’s future.

The Venice municipality’s response to the proposal is one of cautious consideration, indicating a willingness to discuss the matter with the Italian government. Unesco criticises the authorities for lacking a strategic vision to tackle the issues plaguing this picturesque city, which is often referred to as “La Serenissima,” meaning “very serene.”

Past attempts to include Venice in the danger list were thwarted by emergency measures, such as the ban on large ships in the San Marco Canal. However, these measures alone have not been enough to secure the city’s safety, and a comprehensive conservation plan remains elusive.

Rising sea levels, exacerbated by climate change, pose a severe threat to Venice due to its location surrounded by water. Additionally, the influx of approximately 28 million tourists annually leads to urban expansion projects that further endanger the city’s integrity.

Unesco’s report suggests that high-rise buildings should be situated away from the city center to mitigate their negative visual impact. The lack of a strategy to address climate change-induced risks further highlights the need for immediate action.

Unesco currently lists 55 World Heritage sites in danger, with 204 more under active monitoring due to potential threats. 

While Australia’s Great Barrier Reef narrowly escaped inclusion this year, it remains under “serious threat” from climate change and water pollution, subject to further review in 2024. In the case of Venice, urgent and effective measures are essential to protect its irreplaceable cultural and environmental significance for future generations.


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