What Was Announced At Apple’s Big Event?

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What Was Announced At Apple's Big Event?

Apple introduced its latest iPhone lineup with enhancements including improved cameras, faster processors, a new charging system, and a price increase for the top-tier model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

The launch event aimed to counter a recent sales decline, contributing to a 10% drop in Apple’s stock price since mid-July, pushing its market value below $3 trillion.

While the technology leap in the iPhone 15 models is not substantial, Apple added features to the Pro Max, warranting a $100 price increase from the previous version to $1,200. Prices for the other models remain steady, with the basic iPhone 15 at $800, iPhone 15 Plus at $900, and iPhone 15 Pro at $1,000.

Despite potential pressure on profit margins, maintaining prices is seen as a practical move given current inflation and rising interest rates. The price hike for the iPhone 15 Pro Max could stimulate sales, particularly for Apple’s premium models, which are anticipated to account for about 75% of total sales in the coming year.

One significant change is the shift to USB-C charging, replacing the Lightning port, aligning with an impending European regulatory mandate. While some users may find this adjustment inconvenient, USB-C is already prevalent in various devices, offering faster charging and data transfer speeds.

Additionally, the basic iPhone 15 models feature a “Dynamic Island” on the display for app notifications, and they incorporate a swifter chip used in the previous year’s Pro models. The premium iPhone 15s will operate on an even more advanced processor. All models will be available in stores starting September 22, with pre-orders beginning shortly.



Today Is National Bald Is Beautiful Day

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Today Is National Bald Is Beautiful Day

The 13th of September is National Bald is Beautiful Day – at least in the US. But hey, who are we to keep those living in the states from celebrating their own beauty?

Given how baldness is often a reason for anxiety or even embarrassment for some, such a holiday being celebrated all over the world could help anyone who might not be so keen on the prospect of baldness to embrace the nonetheless beautiful look. 

Baldness, often hereditary in men, encompasses issues like male pattern baldness, hair thinning, and receding hairlines. Ageing can exacerbate these conditions, leading to rapid hair loss. 

Women can also experience hair fall and thinning due to various factors like stress, health issues, or genetics. Medical intervention can help prevent or stop hair loss, but acceptance may be the only option for some. 

However, many choose baldness voluntarily to prevent further loss or make a fashion statement. 

National Bald is Beautiful Day celebrates the beauty and pride in embracing baldness, whether by choice or circumstance.


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Venice Could Introduce Visitor Fee – Should Comino Do So Too?

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Venice Could Introduce Visitor Fee - Should Comino Do So Too?

The city of Venice, beloved by tourists, is expected to approve a trial of a €5 fee for daily visitors in a move to control the influx of tourism posing a problem to the city. 

The charge would see all visitors aged 14 and up paying the charge, with their entry into the city having to be booked in advance. This comes as over-tourism became a massive problem for the Gondola haven, with UNESCO suggesting that Venice should be added to a list of world heritage sights in danger. 

If we were to look at Malta, one might argue that Comino has been suffering the same fate as Venice – with controversies surrounding the maintenance and crowds of visitors being highlighted almost every summer in recent history. 

Do you think Comino should apply a similar fee? Let us know what you think.


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Malta’s Minimum Wage Not Enough For Decent Standard of Living, Study States

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Malta's Minimum Wage Not Enough For Decent Standard of Living, Study States

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) advocates for the implementation of a National Living Income (NLI) following a study that reveals households require more than just minimum wage and a basic budget for meaningful societal participation. 

The suggested NLIs range from €14,864 for a childless single person to €30,734 for a couple with two children. GWU’s Josef Bugeja asserts that a guaranteed NLI for all households would narrow the gap between low-wage earners and the average income, combating social inequality.

A two-parent household with two children needs up to €30,734 to maintain a decent lifestyle, according to the GWU. This surpasses Malta’s current minimum wage of €182.83 weekly or €9,507 annually. The study serves as a benchmark for understanding a decent living standard and initiating a broader conversation about employment conditions, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The GWU attributes the rise in in-work poverty (IWP) to Malta’s economic boom, fuelled by an influx of low-wage foreign workers. Between 2012 and 2017, there was a 13.5% increase in those at risk of IWP, particularly single-adult households with dependent children.

The NLI, as advocated by the GWU, encompasses more than mere survival, covering contemporary social needs rather than luxuries. It surpasses the Caritas study’s minimum budget for a decent life, emphasising expenses beyond basic necessities. 

Bugeja emphasises that a decent standard of living should facilitate meaningful societal participation and elevate human freedom and capability beyond a certain threshold. The NLI’s objective is to uplift lower-income groups, guaranteeing access to essential goods and services for all.


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