What If Donald Trump Visited Malta?

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What If Donald Trump Visited Malta?

What if the controversial former United States president Donald Trump visited our Mediterranean island?

Well, artificial intelligence creator Malta.ai has taken a go at depicting the scenario, depicting the currently indicted politician chilling in various scenic locations on our island. 


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Striking his usual, rather awkward poses, Trump can be seen posing in various harbours and cities around Malta – and it seems as if he would very much enjoy it. 

What do you make of this?


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Jomic Calleja Maatouk Makes List Of Europe’s Most Wanted

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Jomic Calleja Maatouk Makes List Of Europe's Most Wanted

The Maltese authorities have released a European arrest mandate for Jomic Calleja Maatouk, with his name and details listed on the EU’s Most Wanted Fugitives list by Europol.

Europe stated that Calleja Maatouk fled Malta and is likely accompanied by his wife Marzia Calleja Maatouk, who was reported missing days ago. 

‘Mr. Calleja Maatouk was arraigned in court in March 2020 and was subsequently found guilty and given a five year effective imprisonment sentence and made to forfeit €51,000 in bail bonds.’

‘In June 2019 the Malta Police Force were informed by security services that an unknown person was attempting to buy C4 as well as Polonium 210, ricin and the synthetic opioid Fentanyl on the dark web.’

‘Investigators intercepted internet communications between a person selling the material and a potential buyer, which was identified as being Jomic CALLEJA MAATOUK.’



Did You Know There Are Only 15 Mr Bean Episodes?

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Did You Know There Are Only 15 Mr Bean Episodes?

You read that correctly – there have only ever been 15 full episodes of Mr Bean across the 6 years it ran between 1990 and 1995. 

The British sitcom and led by the beloved Rowan Atkinson became a staple of culture over most of the world, as the titular character gets into sticky and hilarious situations. 

And despite the massive success, there are only 15 episodes of the series, excluding any other movies or cameos the character makes on other media. 

One possibility for the illusion of there being many more episodes is the fact that a single episode usually has multiple scenarios for Bean to explore. 

That, and the fact that Atkinson manages to extend a simple scenario into a storyline through his expert level physical comedy. 

Do you still watch Mr Bean?



Ħondoq Protection Plan & Gozo Strategy Announced

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Ħondoq Protection Plan & Gozo Strategy Announced

The Prime Minister announced that the Cabinet has sanctioned a plan to revise Gozo’s local plan, aimed at safeguarding Ħondoq ir-Rummien from speculative activities. 

This decision was unveiled on Tuesday alongside another document named the Gozo Regional Development Strategy, outlining the government’s vision for the next decade in Gozo. 

The Prime Minister emphasized the comprehensive consultation process with Gozitan society, NGOs, and other stakeholders that contributed to the strategy’s creation, even though it hasn’t been publicly disclosed yet.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of fostering quality employment opportunities in Gozo for its residents, building upon the achievements of recent years. 

The envisioned Gozo is one marked by open spaces, environmental consciousness, robust connectivity, and abundant prospects. This move to safeguard Ħondoq ir-Rummien follows a prior commitment to amend planning laws to prevent its development, as reinforced by a recent Appeals Court ruling that upheld the rejection of a development proposal for a port, hotel, yacht marina, and tourist village in Ħondoq Bay.

The decision underscores the conclusion of a two-decade-long dispute, with the rejection of developers’ appeals to proceed with extensive construction plans in the bay. The landowners, Gozo Prestige Hotels, had intended to develop a significant area including a hotel, residential units, and various facilities on the 103,000 square meter site.


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