Weather Update: Sunny Beach Weather for The Weekend

Weather Update: Sunny Beach Weather for The Weekend
May 3 2024 Share

Malta is gearing up for a delightful weekend ahead, with the promise of sunny skies and warm temperatures. The Malta International Airport website and Temp Madwarna have both highlighted the forecast, indicating a “real feel” temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, ideal for a nice swim in the blue Maltese sea

Temp Madwarna, a trusted source for weather updates in Malta, has also confirmed the sunny outlook. Their forecast aligns with the expectations of locals and visitors alike, reassuring everyone of a weekend filled with sunshine and warmth.

With Malta’s stunning coastline and rich cultural heritage, the prospect of clear skies and pleasant temperatures only adds to the allure of the weekend. Whether you’re a local planning a staycation or a tourist exploring the island, the sunny forecast promises a memorable experience.


‘Wake Up & Protect Journalists’: Institute Of Maltese Journalists

'Wake Up & Protect Journalists': Institute Of Maltese Journalists
May 3 2024 Share

On World Press Freedom Day 2024, the Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM) demanded urgent government action to enact laws safeguarding journalists.

Despite nearly a year’s delay, the promised white paper remains elusive, leaving journalists vulnerable. The IGM emphasized the critical need for legislation to create an environment conducive to media professionals fulfilling their democratic duties effectively.

This call comes amidst the government’s procrastination despite its expert committee’s recommendations to shield journalists from legal harassment, particularly SLAPPs. Despite rhetoric acknowledging the media’s crucial role in democracy, tangible progress has been lacking.

Additionally, unresolved recommendations from the inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination underscore the urgency for action. The IGM proposed initiatives including a robust media council and formal recognition as Malta’s inaugural journalists’ trade union to address challenges in media independence and sustainability.

Collaboration with civil society is highlighted as crucial to fortifying Malta’s media landscape and democracy itself.

Despite a notable 11-place improvement to 73rd out of 180 countries on the World Press Freedom Index, Malta remains second-to-last among EU member states, highlighting persistent challenges.

The government’s failure to implement recommendations from the Caruana Galizia inquiry, coupled with unresolved issues in media protection and sustainability, constrains progress.

Although Malta’s adoption of the European Media Freedom Act offers hope, the global press freedom situation remains grim, with only eight countries enjoying a “good” status. RSF underscores the vital role of journalism in democracy and calls for concerted efforts globally to safeguard press freedom.


‘I Have Nothing To Hide’, Says Former PM Joseph Muscat

'I Have Nothing To Hide', Says Former PM Joseph Muscat
May 3 2024 Share

Taking to social media, former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that he has nothing to hide and has no reason to not be fully transparent.

Because of this, stated the former Prime Minister, he has contacted the Police Commissioner so that once he is in possession of the Attorney General’s conclusions in regards to the hospitals inquiry, he will be ready to answer all the questions they need answered.

‘As I already said, this is another Egrant. This is a political vendetta against me and my family. I will remain resolute that the truth comes out’, he finished.

Meanwhile, in the recent Nationalist Party’s case concerning fund recovery from Vitals and Steward, the Attorney General admitted a lack of evidence.

Judge Toni Abela deferred the case, which was postponed again today. The dispute involves the Government’s intervention in hospital concessions, sparking objections from the Nationalist Party due to alleged reluctance to reclaim €400 million.

The Court, under Judge Abela’s leadership, granted a final chance for evidence submission by May 15th, allowing verbal submissions if necessary.

In a statement, the Nationalist Party said that the government has once again applied tactics to extend the case.


Iklin Pawnbroker Admits to Dealing with Stolen Artifacts from Grand Master’s Palace

Iklin Pawnbroker Admits to Dealing with Stolen Artifacts from Grand Master's Palace
May 3 2024 Share

A 67-year-old pawnbroker, Anthony Stivala, admitted to handling stolen property, including three antique vases and a clock from Valletta’s Grand Master’s Palace. Police found the items in his home, wrapped in towels and in “perfect condition.” Stivala pleaded guilty on Friday and received a two-year suspended jail term.

His defense lawyer stated there would be no appeal. Stivala is expected to testify against an architect involved in the theft. Last month, another person was charged in connection to the theft.

Prosecutors revealed that only three of the four stolen items were retrieved. Stivala’s lawyer argued that his client became involved in the crime only after hearing about it in the media and chose not to disclose the items to police to avoid escalating the situation.

Stivala’s children had prepared forms for customers declaring their items weren’t stolen, but he was negligent in using them. The prosecutor mentioned the total value of the stolen items, disputed by the defense.

After deliberation, the court found Stivala guilty. The presiding magistrate warned him to understand the seriousness of the situation. Stivala accepted, expressing his intention to close his shop and stay home peacefully.

Prosecutors were led by AG lawyer Nicholas Degaetano, with defense counsel provided by lawyers Roberto Spiteri and Joanna Scerri.