WE Media break silence about ‘L-Erbgha Fost il-Gimgha’

WE Media break silence about ‘L-Erbgha Fost il’Gimgha’
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WE Media, who own TV programme ‘L-Erbgha Fost il-Gimgha’, posted to Facebook to address the several recent posts uploaded to social media regarding the aforementioned programme. The production company announced that it is only they who decide who is the presenter of the programme, stating that Mark Laurence Zammit was never offered to present the programme after the last season. 

They stated that he was Mark Laurence Zammit was not involved in the decisions regarding the programme and it also allegedly not true that PBS axed ‘L-Erbgha Fost il-Gimgha’. They highlighted how the programme was still being considered ‘up to a few weeks ago when Mark Laurence Zammit was already on his notice of termination of employment as a producer with We Media Ltd.’ 

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The statement concluded with We Media stating that the programme was not terminated by the PBS but through an agreement between the executive producer and the national station the programme was rebranded to move to TVMNews+. It is set to be spread across two parts aired on Wednesday and Friday, with a name change set to Topik, which has been confirmed to be hosted by Quinton Scerri. 


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Jonah Hill celebrates body positivity in new Instagram pic

Jonah Hill celebrates body positivity in new Instagram photo
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Star Jonah Hill posted a photo to Instagram rocking a new tattoo of a rock on sign with the words ‘Body Love’ on the back of his shoulder. Known for movies such as the hilarious classic ‘Super Bad’ and his collaborative work on ’21 Jump Street’ alongside Channing Tatum, Hill was often the centre of many ‘fat jokes’. The star however has turned things around for himself, losing weight and looking as happy as ever in his fit new build. 


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His new tattoo captures exactly what he radiates, which is pure appreciation of his body and all other shapes and sizes. His alternative, blonde-hair-and-beard look oozes confidence and happiness with all that he has achieved. He had previously stated that at 37, he managed to finally love and accept himself, saying that his posts are aimed for the kids who don’t take their shirt off at the pool.’ 


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Gianmarco Tamberi: Gold medalist who was told he may not compete anymore

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Gianmarco Tamberi who back in 2016 was told by medics that he might never compete again, became an Olympic gold medalist in high jump last saturday. He made headlines as he became the first gold medalist in athletics to share his medal with long  time friend Mutaz Essa Barshim. In 2016 he missed the Rio Olympics after a severe left ankle energy. This injury left many doctors and medics to tell Tamberi that he might never compete again but after working hard and regaining fitness, he has managed to shock everyone like fellow Italian Marcell Jacobs and win gold with his close friend.



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After winning his gold medal Tamberi celebrated with his cast in his hands to signify from where he had to rise back to win gold. The injury spurred on Gianmarco to continue work hard instead of demotivating himself. A big congratulations to Gianmarco for this incredible turnaround.


WATCH: Guinness World Record for woman who can open her mouth 2.56 inches

Guinness World Record for woman who can open her mouth 2.56 inches
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TikTok star Samantha Ramsdell, 31, has managed to win a Guinness World Record for having the largest female auth, opening at a whopping 2.56 inches. From Stamford, Connecticut, Ramsdell has gone viral plenty of times before bagging the award. A medical sales representative, Ramsdell told Guinness that her ability used to be a huge insecurity for her and tried to hide it in the past. Now, having been awarded the record, she sees it as one of the biggest, best things about herself. 


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She tells anyone who had ‘a large body part, or something really unique’ to go for the Guiness World Records title. She told her fans to ‘do it proud and make it your biggest asset. Its your superpower.’ Ramsdell’s TikTok shot up to a whopping 1.7 million dedicated fans on her account @samramsdell5. The pandemic provided her with the opportunity to post more content, resulting in her fanbase growing insanely fast in celebration of her ‘superpower.’ 


Photo Source: Guinness World Records