‘We don’t need to bring in abortion to save her life’ says Archbishop Scicluna

‘We don’t need to bring in abortion to save her life’ says Archbishop Scicluna
Jun 24 2022 Share

Archbishop Charles Scicluna spoke out about the recent controversy which saw a US tourist not being granted access to abortion in Malta despite suffering a life-threatening miscarriage. 

The local church leader said that we do not need to bring in abortion into the conversation but doctors should do everything to save the woman’s life. 

Speaking during the homily for the Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist, Scicluna expressed his sympathies with Andrea Prudente (the woman in question) and Jay Weeldreyer who were expecting a baby but suffered birth complications in the form of a miscarriage. 

Scicluna prayed that the doctors find the necessary means to save both mother and child, saying that if the unborn could is not saved, no law, local or international, says that the mother should be left to die. 

He went on to say that we should care for every life from the very moment of its conception, and said that for no reason should we abandon any life due to imperfections because ‘God abandons no one.’ 

The situation was made public by Doctors for Choice Malta with a social media post, leading to the story going international and calls for the legalisation and decriminalisation of abortion resurfacing on the island. 


Carelessly parked leased car causes massive Tallinja delays

Carelessly parked leased car causes massive Tallinja delays
Jun 24 2022 Share

A carelessly parked leased car in the middle of the road in Triq Bordino, St Paul’s Bay ended up causing massive traffic delays. Tallinja routes were the main recipients of such delays as the buses could not pass due to the obstruction caused. 

Tallinja’s Facebook page reported the obstruction, informing the public that routes 48 and 203 were stuck in the road awaiting removal of the car. 

Police were informed almost immediately but given that it was a leased car it took far longer than expected to get the road cleared. Authorities took around 2 hours to get the car cleared, having been reported early at 6 in the morning and ending up being fully cleared at around 0745hrs. 

The road has since been reopened and Tallinja service restored. 


Weddings back with a bang in 2022… but had been declining before the pandemic

Weddings back with a bang in 2022... but had been declining before the pandemic
Jun 23 2022 Share

Following two restriction-ridden years of the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings in Malta have made a huge comeback, with caterers, entertainment providers and businesses working around the clock to ensure that their business are back on their feet.

Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises (GRTU) head Abigail Mamo reported that spring 2022 was always expected to be busy, especially after two years of a pandemic… but wedding rates had been declining before the pandemic.

The National Statistics Office reported that marriages decreased by 157 from 2018 to 2019, with 2019 seeing a total of 2,674 marriages. Various factors reportedly contributed to this decrease, with the COVID-19 being a contributing factor.

Globally, the New York Times had reported an expected 2.5 million weddings in 2022, the most since 1984.


5 Maltese beaches you NEED to visit this summer

Jun 23 2022 Share

Now that summer is fast approaching, every single citizen under the sun continues their never-ending search for their ideal summer hotspot. The pursuit of the perfect beach is a yearly effort and finding the right ratio of space, cleanliness, quiet & Instagrammability may seem like a daunting task but never fear; Heineken and Malta Daily are here to bring you a list of 5 Maltese beaches you NEED to visit this summer!

Riviera Bay

An immediate must-visit for beach-lovers from all walks of life. Located in Malta’s north-western coast, Riviera Bay is one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. A jaw-dropping sight to see no matter how many times you’ve visited, this bay’s crystal clear waters and golden-reddish sand are a testament to Malta’s untapped Mediterranean beauty and whether you’re looking for a place to swim or an ideal sunbathing location, this place is absolutely gorgeous.

Golden Bay

Located right next to Riviera Bay, Golden Bay is a more tourist-friendly beach. The bay’s easy access, neighbouring restaurants and large stretch of sand make it a popular pick for swimmers, sunbathers, watersport fanatics and even partygoers. The super-aesthetic summer location is also gorgeous backdrop for BBQs and, when accompanied by a cold can of Heineken Silver, no BBQ tastes better.

St. George’s Bay

A neighbour to Malta’s nightlife capital of Paceville, if you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is not the place. This bustling beach in St. Julian’s is a popular choice amongst tourists looking to relax and socialise before taking a look at what Malta’s nightlife scene has to offer. St. George’s Bay lays dormant prior to the summer months but when the season finally comes around, crack open a couple of cold ones and get ready for the best summer ever!

Gnejna Bay

Many believe that this is Malta’s finest beach and to be perfectly honest, we can’t argue with that logic. Typically visited by locals rather than tourists. Gnejna Bay offers red sands as well as flat rocks and while no beach is ever purely peaceful, if you’re lucky, you may end up visiting on one of the quieter days. So get your headphones ready, sunglasses at bay and packs of Heineken Silver in the cooler and enjoy some of Malta’s much sought-after summer serenity.

Whichever beach you ultimately decide on visiting this summer, make sure you don’t forget the essentials. Sunblock, sunglasses, snacks and an ice cold case (or two) of Heineken Silver should have you and your squad sorted for this year’s beach season.

Font Ghadir

A rather central choice found in the heart of one of Malta’s most popular touristic hotspots, Sliema’s Fond Ghadir is a great choice if you plan on doing a bit of everything before your day is over. With a rocky coastline which stretches all the way to St. Julian’s, this beachside location is surrounded by a vast array of shops, cafés and restaurants – so your pre- and post-beach activities are definitely sorted.