“We can’t continue with the mask forever,” says Prof. Charmaine Gauci

 - COVID-19 - Oct 14

In a recent ‘Ask Charmaine’ segment with Times of Malta, Superintendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci shared an agreeable statement on the future of mask-wearing in Malta. The superintendent shared that “the more you protect yourself and others the better it is, but we can’t continue with the mask forever so as time goes by and evidence show they can be removed, we’ll go that way as well.” 

Prof. Gauci statements offered a lot of resolve for many Maltese residents, as many are criticising Malta’s current mask-wearing restrictions, despite the lifting of other COVID-19 measures in the past months. Malta currently sits at the top of Nikkei Asia’s global COVID-19 recovery index but masks remain mandatory at schools, amongst other locations. The authorities will reportedly reconsider the latter after the Christmas break.

Sharing Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne’s sentiments, Prof. Gauci stated that the situation is all a matter of risk and while the pandemic could be placed on the country’s “back-burner” according to Fearne, caution and vigilance must remain a priority especially with the temperature dropping as the season progresses.


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