WATCH: What does Adrian Delia regret most from his run as PN leader?

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Less stress, less constant tension & a better human experience. These were the words of Adrian Delia when asked how he feels nowadays following his experience experience as PN Leader.

During Malta Daily’s show ‘The Interview with Fabian Demicoli’, Delia stated that rather than ‘feeling hurt’, he feels a sense of relief due to the massive weight lifted from his shoulders. The former leader went on to state that he feels that he could have done more, and still can do more, in the face of political tribalism in Malta.


BREAKING: PN candidates Mario Galea, Kristy Debono and Clyde Puli withdraw from general election

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This newsroom can confirm that PN candidates Kristy Debono, Mario Galea and Clyde Puli will be withdrawing from the general election race.

Internal sources confirm that the candidates will be stepping down, with the PN vying to make way for a more youthful line up.

Internal sources have also confirmed that this is an agreement with the party itself in order to make way for the future generation to participate in the party’s political run. 


Exclusive: Clyde Puli withdraws from general election

Exclusive: Clyde Puli resigns from PN candidature
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Despite running for member of parliament for the 6th and 7th district and shadow minister for education and sport, Clyde Puli has just announced he will be resigning form the election race.

Puli said in first impressions since his resignation that he is doing this to give more space to the youth to participate and possibly contest in Maltese politics. 

Just yesterday, he was fully supporting the PN’s election campaign, sharing a post with the slogan ‘Miegħek għal Malta’. 

From what this newsroom can understand, the Nationalist Party is seeking to revitalise the party and finally get rid of some of its old guard. The party is pushing a new lingo and emoji-based campaign and we do not know whether this will create a domino effect of other candidates resigning. 

This also comes as Robert Abela announces the general election for the 26th of March, with all parties ramping up to announce their proposals and vie for the public’s votes.


WATCH: Adrian Delia gives his opinion on political speculation and surveys

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During Malta Daily’s latest episode of ‘The Interview with Fabian Demicoli’, former PN leader and current MP Adrian Delia gave his two cents on political speculation, stating that the premise of such speculation and the subsequent surveys are absolutely nonsensical.

Delia mentioned the 2013 & 2017 elections, stating that while a Labour win seemed obvious in 2013, the corruption and scandals would have made one think that Labour’s vote-margin would decrease, resulting in a larger vote margin and a record-breaking Labour win. The MP stated that he prefers dedicating time everyday to leading his own personal political campaign and that of his party.

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