WATCH: The call for a proactive entertainment sector reopening plan

 - COVID-19 - Jun 10
The call for a proactive entertainment sector reopening plan

Speaking on L-Erbgha Fost il-Gimgha, events organiser Dr James Cassar expressed his concerns on the entertainment and cultural sector’s current situation. Despite acknowledging the positive work being done in terms of vouchers and tourism as Malta fights to recuperate from the pandemic’s impact, James stated how the cultural sector was the first to close and remained in the dark for a long period of time. He stated how people in the cultural sector were urged not to work due to the pandemic and that this is the livelihood of many people such as James.

Responding to questions asked by the host Mark Laurence Zammit, James stated that illegal parties are still ongoing and therefore posited the possibility of reopening organised and controlled events through which professional organisers can still work and still revive the sector. With Malta’s herd immunity and successful vaccine rollout, James pointed out that a plan is warranted.

James also asked whether the fear of case spikes was coming from the introduction of variants coming from abroad. He therefore asks why it is events that are closed whilst other sectors are up and running. Responding to James’ ideas was Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo who, despite not being able to reveal the exact plan, did state that a roadmap for cultural reopening is in the works and will be announced in the coming days.


Source: L-Erbgha Fost l-Gimgha

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