WATCH: Selena Gomez spreads body positivity in new TikTok

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Hollywood star Selena Gomez recently posted a TikTok where she continued to spread body positivity, saying that real stomachs are back ahead of a scorching summer which will see the comeback of beach swimsuits.

In the video, Gomez was seen living her best life on a yacht whilst capturing audio telling her to ‘suck it in’, referring to her stomach. The former Disney star claps back and says “I’m not sucking s—t in. Real stomachs is coming the f—k back, OK?”

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Many praised the video’s message with one person commenting “QUEEN ENERGY.” Another fan also admitted that “She’s the reason I’m so comfortable in my own skin.”

There were many other positive comments praising the 30 year old with one even saying “I never follow celebrities on TT because I don’t want to mess up my algorithm lol. You have been my only exception to that.”

After being off all social media for nearly 4 years, Selena Gomez has been using her massive platform to spread awareness on various topics such as body positivity and mental health.

Last April, Gomez called out body-shamers on social media, saying being skinny is not worth it as it requires her to not eat the food that makes her happy and because “people bitch about it [her weight] anyway.”



Hamrun Spartans supporters back their team despite 1-0 loss

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Hamrun Spartans supporters back their team despite 1-0 loss

Hamrun Spartans supporters still showed up to the stadium and chanted in favour of their favourite team, despite a 1-0 loss against Bulgarian giants Levski Sofia. 

The heartbreaking defeat came deep into stoppage time when Filip Krastev found the net during the opening leg of the third qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League at the National Stadium. 

The Spartans themselves created a lot of opportunities to score, but did not manage to execute the final score needed to beat the Bulgarian team. Spartans will still head to Sofia next week, with the main objective of turning the tide into their favour. 


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The team’s coach, Branko Nisevic, still kept his hopes up, touting the team’s previous successes as a potential reason for Hamrun Spartans rewriting their history books. 

The supporters, as always, showed massive love to their players. Filling up the stadium seats, the fans waved flags, played music and gave the footballers the praise and support they truly deserved for their performance. 

Read more about the match here.



Balenciaga releases ‘most expensive trash bag in the world’ for nearly €1,750

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Fashion brand Balenciaga have released the ‘most expensive trash bag in the world’ which will be sold for a whopping $1,790.

Translated into Euros, the price for the peculiar item comes to exactly €1,751.33.  The product is called ‘trash pouch’ and was simply ‘inspired by a garbage bag’.

The controversial bag is made out of calfskin leather, emblazoned with a subtle Balenciaga logo and comes in four different colours. These colours include the iconic black, the colour most associated with garbage bags, a sleek white colour as well as blue and yellow.

The bag is currently in Balenciaga stores after making it’s debut during the Fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection in Paris last March. When asked about the design, Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia told Women’s Wear Daily “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”

The design hasn’t gone down well with everyone, with some either finding it disgraceful and others having a laugh about it. On an Instagram post about the bag, one comment read “Hmm this is rude,” whilst another joked around writing “I got 40 of those under my sink,”. To many people’s surprise there was one commenter who simply wrote “need.”



Apple to get rid of passwords starting from next month

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Apple to get rid of passwords starting from next month

Apple is set to get rid of all password use on all of its devices starting next month. 

The tech giant is rumoured to be introducing password-less logins starting September 2022 when the IOS 16 launches along with the also speculative iPhone 14 and MacOS Ventura. 

Instead of remembering a password (we all know how confusing that gets!), users will now be asked for a Passkey, which is authenticated using your fingerprint or face on an iPhone or Mac.

This new security process means that Apple users will have a login that cannot be leaked, and yet still maintaining the login speed of inputting a password. 

The Passkeys will be stored on the users’ devices but will sync across multiple gadgets using the iCloud Keychain, which already exists to track passwords. The keys can’t be read by anyone, not even Apple. 

The goal for Apple is to have Passkeys working in conjunction with non-Apple devices as well, such as Windows laptops and Android phones. The innovation was described by Apple vice-president Darin Adler as the ‘next-gen credential that’s more secure, easier to use, and aims to replace passwords for good’. 


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