WATCH: Residents and activists unite to protest yacht marina in Marsaskala

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Residents and activists unite to protest yacht marina in Marsaskala

Following the release of the plans for a yacht marina in Marsaskala, residents and activists alike, many from Moviment Graffiti, took to the seaside to protest the plans. In a statement posted to the activist group’s Facebook, Wied il-Ghajn residents asked Transport Malta to retract the tender immediately and cancel the plans to the locality in question immediately. 

The statement says that despite the local plan having mentioned the yacht marina for around 15 years, the government is not tied to carry out the execution of a project which, according to the statement, does not make sense.

The residents thanked the local council of Wied il-Ghajn for taking a strong position against the plan. Masked and equipped with signs, the protestors took to the bay in question for their demonstration, with the statement revealing that this is just the first protest among many should the plans continue. 


Photo Source: Moviment Graffiti FB

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Fast and Furious 10 is set for 2023… but John Cena may not be in it

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While it has been revealed by Entertainment Weekly that the next ‘The Fast and Furious’ movie is set for April 2023, we may not be seeing John Cena make an appearance.

Protagonist Vin Diesel has hinted that the final arc of the globally-popular saga will be spread across two films with the all-star cast expected to make a return.

However, despite Cena’s role as Dom Toretto’s long-lost brother Jakob and his situation at the end of the move (no spoilers), Cena has yet to be approached by the production team for the final leg of the franchise.

It may be too early to determine whether or not the beloved wrestler-turned-actor will find himself in the midst of exploding vehicles and cars-turned-spaceships, it would be a shame if we don’t see him in the upcoming Fast movies.


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68 COVID-19 cases registered overnight with 44 recoveries

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54 COVID-19 cases registered with 57 recoveries

Malta has registered 68 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours from 3,247 swab tests, while 44 patients have recovered. One death was registered in the past 24 hours. This information was announced by the official Facebook page of Malta’s Ministry for Health.

As of Friday 20th August 2021, 790,833 vaccine doses were administered of which 410,650 were 1st doses. 408,885 people are currently fully vaccinated.

To date, Malta has registered 35,721 COVID-19 cases in total, of which: 34,225 have recovered, 436 died and 664 are still active.

Mater Dei Hospital is currently treating a total of 36 COVID-19 positive patients, three of whom are in the ITU.


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Home affairs minister Bryon Camilleri breaks silence on Malta’s prison situation

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In the midst of national controversy surrounding the Corradino Correctional Facility’s way of operations, Minister for Internal Affairs Byron Camilleri has broken his silence to address the issue.

Camilleri stated that he does not agree with a system that locks someone up and throws away the key, nor does he agree with a system which does not offer justice to the victim, but he believes that society should not attack those who works amongst the prisoners or spread lies.

The Minister expressed his respect towards correctional officers, stating that while ‘a lot of work is left to be done’, it was quite a daunting task to keep up with the drastic increase of prisoners within the Corradino facility in the past years.

Fl-aħħar jiem ħafna qalu tagħhom fuq il-ħabs. Sfortunatament xi drabi din id-diskussjoni anke ħadet forma ta' dibattitu…

Posted by Byron Camilleri on Friday, 20 August 2021

Proposing a few potential solutions to the matter, the Minister revealed that the government has started a consultation process on an electronic tagging pilot project as well as a board which will assess prisoners’ physical and mental health as well a suicide prevention measures amongst others.


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