WATCH: Moviment Graffiti continue protest on Comino despite police presence

Moviment Graffiti continue protest on Comino despite police presence
Aug 13 2022 Share

Amassing around 100 activists, Moviment Graffiti and members of the public, returned to Comino on Saturday in protest against the hijacking of Blue Lagoon.


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The protesters were met with heavy police presence as the officers attempted to stop the protest. Protesters were even confronted by beachgoers complaining about the demonstration, to whom the activists said that they were exercising their rights. 

Chanting the previously used slogan of “il-baħar, ix-xatt, Kemmuna ta’ kulħadd’ and waving placards, the activists expressed their frustration at the lack oof action by the authorities to address the highly commercialised state of Blue Lagoon. 

The NGO organised boat trips from Ċirkewwa and Mġarr (Gozo) as it invited the public to the protest. This planning prompted the commercial operators to remove the deckchairs and umbrellas. 

Today’s protest follows two open letters to ministers responsible for several aspects of the island management. The group clarified that the pressure will not die down as long as the situation does not change. 

The main demands are: deckchairs and umbrellas should be only set up at the request of a person physically present von the spot; big boats disembarking hundreds of tourists should be prohibited; a limit of two small kiosks without music in Blue Lagoon; and a restriction on the type and amount of waste generated. 


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5 reasons why you’re waking up tired – and what to do about it

5 reasons why you’re waking up tired - and what to do about it
Aug 13 2022 Share

Are you doing your best to get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and still not feeling the refreshing benefits? 

Well, one important factor at play could be a heightened state of ‘sleep inertia’, which impacts memory, mood, reaction time and alertness. Usually fading away after 15 to 60 minutes, some could experience it for hours on end.

This could impact everything from cognitive skills, job performance and even general well-being. Sleep specialists recommend checking that quality and quantity of sleep are kept in balance. 

However, other factors around the actual sleeping could be affecting the overall necessity of sleep. Here are 5 possible factors impacting sleep:

Sedentary Lifestyle: Move about! Especially if you’re sitting at a desk all day!

Adults are given the recommendation of getting at least 150 minutes (two and a half hours) of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week! Finding some time in between work and other errands is immensely refreshing, both mentally and physically! 

Dehydration: this is linked to decreased alertness and fatigue. This is crucial for scorching Maltese summers!

The Institute of Medicine recommends women consume 2.7 litres of fluids daily whereas men around 3.7 litres daily. This includes fluids and water rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and fruits. 

Sleep Routine: Don’t expect to doze off whilst scrolling through Instagram. Your bed should be a designated area. 

Keeping it dark, quiet and colder at night, whilst also making sure its reserved for sleep or sexual activity, is a sure way to mentally associate your bed with sleep and make it easier to doze off. 

Inconsistency: Try to maintain a specific bed-time, especially if you work shifts or have nights out.

Keeping a routine on the weekends might sound difficult but all it takes is some pre-planning. If you’re already know that you’ll be going wild one night, make sure to adjust the rest of your activities accordingly so you don’t start your Monday like the Walking Dead. 

Anxiety & Depression: Serious conditions can impact sleeping patterns. Seeking expert help should be a priority. 

This also applies to any suspected sleeping disorders. Someone with sleep apnea might wake up 50 times or more throughout the night. Getting back into deep sleep is intensely difficult and thus seeking expert help might be in order. 


Episode #1 of The Unconventional Office with JOON just dropped!

Episode #1 of The Unconventional Office with JOON just dropped!
Aug 12 2022 Share

The exciting new project ‘The Unconventional Office’ has just dropped its first episode today and this innovative take has set the bar for what is in store for interviews and music on the island!

All centred around a Volkswagen T25, the new platform is the brainchild of Neo Borg Bonaci and will be driving (literally) more awareness about all the talented individuals on the Maltese islands (and maybe even beyond…)!

The first episode features Yasmin Kuymizakis, better known as ‘Joon’, being interviewed by MaltaDaily’s very own Daniel Briffa, a.k.a DJ Debrii. 

For this episode, Debrii dives with Joon into what inspires her to make music, her taste in sound as well as all her successes and place in the music scene. 

Joon is also part of a Los Angeles based record label called Italians Do It Better, being the first Maltese music artist to be featured on such a massive platform. She is also the founder of Malta Sound Women Network which promotes and educates women and girls in electronic music and sound. 

If this first episode is anything to go by, Neo and his team have built a space which is ready to revolutionise how we get to know artists in the local scene and give this realm of art the boost it truly deserves. 

This project is supported by @artscouncilmalta and @insynkcollective and is in media partnership with @maltadaily.mt.


11 year old girl collects €600 to donate to Puttinu on her birthday

11 year old girl collects €600 to donate to Puttinu on her birthday
Aug 12 2022 Share

Instead of celebrating in the usual way kids are known to commemorate their birthday, Katrina Zammit decided to give back to the community. 

Celebrating her 11th birthday, Katrina raised a sum of €600 to donate to NGO Puttinu Cares.

Katrina’s selfless act will be going towards helping many kids in need battling cancer. Needing all the help they can get to pay for treatments and other necessities, it is such deeds that remind us of the goodness in humanity.

Katrina urged her family and friends not to give her gifts and instead donate to the organisation. In the process, she also served as inspiration for others to do the same! 

Well done Katrina! And a big happy birthday!