WATCH: Migrants take to Valletta to protest for basic rights

Migrants take to Valletta to protest for basic rights
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Following the horrific incident in which Jaiteh Lamin was left abandoned by his boss after a construction work accident, migrants and their lobby groups took to the streets of Valletta to protest policies which they say strip them and their children of basic rights. Such policies are pushing them to exploitation, they said, as around a 100 protestors held placards reading ‘we are humans not cheap labour’ and ‘a concrete jungle built by slaves’. 

The demonstrators marched from parliament to the Ministry of Home Affairs where they delivered a letter to Minister Byron Camilleri. Two policies are central to their protest as they prevent them from finding work legally and from finding adequate basic services like school or healthcare for them or their children. The revisions to the Specific Residence Authority policy was noted as having done considerable damage, as it led to many migrants living in Malta for years suddenly becoming undocumented. 

The protestors were demanding specific demands; better access to information about legal rights, more humane treatment at state agency Identity Malta, the reintroduction of a residency policy which left many migrants undocumented when it was removed, giving migrants who pay taxes the right to free schooling and healthcare, giving children the right to acquire Maltese nationality, helping undocumented children regularise their status and, making asylum seekers who pay taxes eligible for a children’s allowance for their kids. 


Photo Source: Caroline Galea

The French Catholic Church employed up to 3,200 pedophiles since 1950

The French Catholic Church employed up to 3,200 pedophiles since 1950
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The president of an independent commission on sexual abuse reported to CNN that between 2,900 and 3,200 pedophile clergymen have operated in the French Catholic Church since the 1950s. According to the commission’s website, the report aims to establish the facts and provide an understanding of what happened in order to prevent any such tragedies from occurring in the future. Made up of 21 people, the commission was set up in 2018 by the French Catholic Church hierarchy and religious institutes after abuse scandals surfaced. 

Finance by the French Catholic Bishops conference, members are not paid and do not receive instructions from the church. The archives of religious institutions were all accessible to the commission in order for it to address, what a member called, this secret and hideous side of our society. The report was developed over the last 32 months, working with the victims a lot of the time. 

The commission was set ip before Pope Francis issued an edict in May of 2019, establishing new regulations for reporting sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. All dioceses were to set up systems, for the first time ever, which report on abuse and cover-ups. CNN has reached out to the French Catholic Church for a comment. 

Katherine Dalle, head of communications for the Bishop’s Conference of France, said that the report will change everything. She said that Jean-Marc Suave’s work is an important moment for people who have been victims of such abuse. Olivier Savignac, who runs a victims group, said powerfully that ‘the church has been too moderate in following the word of God and taking care of the smallest and the weakest’.


Photo Source: CNN

The Marigold Foundation launch The Nationwide Pink Oct-Mov ’21 Campaign

The Marigold Foundation launch The Nationwide Pink Oct-Mov '21 Campaign
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October is breast cancer awareness month, an annual initiative held around the world in order to raise awareness about breast cancer.

In Malta, The Marigold Foundation is the coordinator of the nationwide Pink October and Movember campaign, with the aim of supporting NGOs and patient support groups afflicted with cancer. This year’s campaign was launched on Tuesday by Chairperson of The Marigold Foundation, Michelle Muscat under the Patronage of First Lady, Mrs Miriam Vella.

The Foundation’s aim is to educate the general public to know the signs of cancer, lessen the fear to get checked and conduct the necessary screenings to create an environment of positive actions, healthy attitudes and mindfulness. As a matter of fact this year’s Pink October Campaign will focus not just on breast cancer but will also educate about other female cancers including ovarian and cervical which remain a taboo on our islands.

Since their first national campaign in 2015, The Marigold Foundation has dedicated itself to support patients, lessen the fear and remove the taboo of talking about such issues and the fear about checking oneself.

The two-month Pink Oct-Mov ’21 campaign focuses on a number of goals in the battle against male female and male cancer, such as the prevention of cancers and early diagnosis, supporting patients going through cancer and promoting a better overall attitude towards wellness. The general public is urged to keep an eye out on the educative and eye-catching messages, billboards, television ads and online posts in order to learn on how to be brave, take the next step and check one’s body regularly.

The event was addressed by Malta’s top clinicians and surgeons including Dr. Nick Refalo, Clinical Chair of SAMOC, Prof. Ray Galea, gynaecologist, Mr. John Agius, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Dr. Gerald Busuttil, Specialist in Urology and Dr Krystel von Brockdorf, consultant oncologist. Mr Chris Barbara, Chair of the Pathology Department and Mr Robert Xuereb from The Marigold Foundation also explained the importance of Biomedical Scientists and the functions of the Deep Inspiratory Breath Hold Monitoring System respectively.

The Marigold Foundation also focuses on maximising therapeutic opportunities and health education, funding research at the University of Malta and aiding other NGOs with ideas and new approaches.


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Maltese Music Monday is BACK with some local favourites!

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Maltese Music Monday is with us once again and after a summer of non-stop bangers, we head into the Autumn season with a line-up of stellar productions from some of Malta’s most beloved artists.

Karin Duff – Confidence

After months of anticipation, Malta’s red-headed starlet Karin Duff returns with her captivating and intense single ‘Confidence‘. The singer-songwriter’s latest single is a bold pop tune which is certain to instil confidence in any listener. In addition to the track, Duff’s music video for the single perfectly reflects the song’s attitude and we have to admit, we’re loving the vibes.

The Travellers – Inżul u Tlajja

One of Malta’s most beloved bands is back with the title track from their next album ‘Inżul u Tlajja’ and it’s definitely got us wanting more. The single, of the same name, brings back the classic Travellers good vibes and is accompanied by a clever, quirky music video featuring The Travellers themselves.

Winter Moods – The Journey

A national treasure in their own right, Winter Moods are finally back with a touching single named ‘The Journey’. The song was originally set for release last year in the build-up to the band’s 35-year anniversary but was disrupted due to the pandemic. It honours a 14-year-old friend of the band named Juan Barbara, who sadly passed away later that year.

Carlo Gerada, AIDAN – 24/7

Local DJ and Producer is here with his first-ever collaboration with singer-songwriter AIDAN and trust us when we tell you it’s a banger. Uniquely enough, the song fuses both Maltese and English language into a groovy house tune and its has already proved itself to be a local favourite after it hit #1 on the local charts.

Joe Roscoe – Red Flags

Red Electrick lead singer and frontman Joe Roscoe returns with a bouncy bedroom pop tune and we’re hooked. ‘Red Flag’ is produced by fellow Red Electrick member Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur and DJ/Producer Alexei Debono a.k.a. LEX. Super lyrics, gorgeous vocals and a welcome addition to our playlist, we’ve got this one on repeat.

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