WATCH: Meta’s gloves will create a realistic sense of touch in virtual reality

Meta’s gloves will create a realistic sense of touch in virtual reality
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In a post which looks like something straight out of Black Mirror, Mark Zuckerberg revealed new haptic gloves which will introduce a sense of touch to the meta verse and virtual reality. 

‘One day you’ll be able to feel texture and pressure when you touch virtual objects’ said the Meta CEO. 

In an accompanying video, Zuckerberg could be seen donning a virtual reality headset and proceeding to play jenga, chess and even giving a handshake to another person. 

All these actions are supposedly designed to actually create the sensation of touching the same objects. This will create a realistic sense of immersion, ‘tricking’ the brain into believing that what one experiences is real. 

Meta has been working for the past seven years ever since it purchased virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR for $2 billion. 

In an update on their progress, one of Meta’s Reality Labs Research teams are working on making these gloves comfortable enough for extended use by reducing the generated heat and facilitating air flow. 

From a more philosophical perspective, these technologies will challenge the very concept of what we deem is real. 

How will this change human interaction? How will it impact everything from relationships to partying to even basic actions such as eating? 

It will probably be a while before such technology is disseminated to the everyday citizen so we’ll have to wait and see how the future will change given these new advances. 


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Inconsistent health measures leaving graduates frustrated

Inconsistent health measures leaving graduates frustrated
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An anonymous student contacted this newsroom to express their frustration at how the COVID-19 pandemic health measures are being handled.They shared screenshots of two separate events – a graduation ceremony and Sigma art auction. 

We must clarify before going any further that this is not an attack on Sigma or any other event hosting large numbers of people in any way shape or form. This is a criticism of the measures and how they are being applied according to different events.

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With Sigma being a major front-runner in the global tech and gaming industry and  initiative MaltaDaily representatives will continue to support, the event still allowed for massive groups of people to be gathered in the same area. 

Meanwhile, during the graduation event, students had to adhere to social distancing rules, with their parents being forced to watch the ceremony through a ‘bad quality’ stream in a tent. 

The juxtaposition of this suggests an inconsistency in how public health measures are being carried out. This despite the fact that Malta’s population is mostly vaccinated as well as having very low hospitalisations. 

Students have been waiting an entire pandemic to celebrate their hard earned achievement but are still unable to fully celebrate it due to restrictions. What do you make of this? 


Konrad Mizzi admitted to hospital

Konrad Mizzi admitted to hospital
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Former Minister Konrad Mizzi was admitted to hospital yesterday, just before he was expected to continue testifying in front of the Public Accounts Committee. 

The committee is analysing the report of the Auditor General which is investigating the gas power station contract. Reports in the Times are stating that the former Minister was admitted to hospital on Tuesday. 

His condition is reportedly serious and will need to remain in hospital for several days. He has already appeared twice in front of the parliamentary committee. 


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WATCH: Malta’s U21 beat Northern Ireland with two spectacular goals

Malta’s U21 dominate Northern Ireland with two spectacular goals
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Malta’s football prodigies continue to make waves in the international scene, dominating Northern Ireland 2-0 with spectacular play. 


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Playing abroad at Mourneview Park, Marcus Grima and Andrea Zammit found the goal post for our team at the 49 and 88 minutes respectively. 

Th Malta Football Association posted to social media, stating ‘jubilant moments followed this terrific win for the boys’. The snapshot captured the ecstatic post-match vibe of the players, coaches and rest of staff. Well done all!