WATCH: Maltese enjoying Easter abroad; no longer fearing COVID

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WATCH: Maltese enjoying Easter abroad; no longer fearing COVID

Many Maltese took are taking to the airport seeking to enjoy their Easter holidays abroad, seemingly no longer afraid of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a sight which recalls memories of pre-pandemic travel, many Maltese were opting to spend their holidays starting with the Good Friday long weekend away from the island. 


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Until a few months ago, only some young adults expressed interest in resuming their travels as many others, especially the elderly, were still concerned about the virus.

Sentiments have seemingly changed however as the airport was met with long lines of travellers ready to hop onto their flight. The Malta International Airport staff were very efficient and professional in their handling of the return of a busy airport. 

Earlier this month, Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo revealed that 80% of Malta’s pre-pandemic travel routes had been recovered as measures continue to ease. 

As of 11th April, incoming tourists travelling to Malta from a red-listed country were allowed in with just proof of a negative PCR test. This, coupled with vaccination and masking measures being eased, has reignited a craving for travel, which the summer season will surely continue to boost. 



Shaun Farrugia and Martin Garrix officially release international hit ’Starlight’

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Shaun Farrugia and Martin Garrix officially release international hit ’Starlight’

Shaun Farrugia, a local singer and songwriter who has bagged in collaborations with international star Martin Garrix, has officially released ‘Starlight’. 

Their collaborative song ‘Starlight’ is the biggest song ever released by a Maltese national, and this suggests that Malta might finally have a music star to pave the way for others on the music map. 


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‘Starlight’ has already been played at festivals where hundreds of thousands of music lovers and Garrix fans were attending prior to the official release. 

The official release was anticipated with a performance by the two artists on a boat in Amsterdam, about which Shaun said that he is ‘crying, in disbelief of what is happening to me right now’. 

Martin Garrix himself, born Martijn Gerard Garristen, is a Dutch DJ who was ranked number one on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list for three years in a row. With international hits such as ‘Animals’ and ‘In the Name of Love’, the now 25-year-old has made a massive name for himself.


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And Shaun’s talent and hard work captured the attention of the star and the two are now blessing the world with some of the hottest collaborations, with ‘Starlight’ officially out for all to enjoy!


Photo Source: @itsshaunfarrugia IG, Martin Garrix IG

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Hundreds walk in aid of Puttinu Cares despite strong winds

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Hundreds walk in aid of Puttinu Cares despite strong winds

‘The wind does not discourage us’ the NGO Puttinu Cares stated on their social media platforms as they shared images of hundreds walking in aid of all the patients the organisation supports.

In commemoration of Good Friday, Puttinu Cares held a marathon walk on the eve of the public holiday. The event saw hundreds come together in solidarity to support the NGO. 

This was the seventh edition of the Good Friday walk in aid of Puttinu right before a televised fund-raising marathon. Participants each donated €10 and walked either from Mellieha or Mosta parish square to Qawra overnight. 

The marathon was cancelled over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite no fundraisers to help, patients continued to travel to the UK for treatment, staying in one of 20 apartments owned by Puttinu. 

Puttinu now aims to buy a new building in central London as well as to secure 21 flats which will be free of charge for the patients and their relatives. The marathon was joined by several parents who lost their children but found support from Puttinu.

A tribute was also payed to the late founder of the NGO, Victor Calvagna, who died earlier this year. Today, Friday 15th, a televised marathon will be broadcast between 10am an 3pm and 9pm and midnight. 


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Xgħajra councillor Doris Borg quits PN after ‘party media favoured district competitor’

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Councillor and former PN candidate Doris Borg has quit the Nationalist Party and will continue to occupy her post within the Xgħajra local councillor as an independent councillor.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Borg stated that she was sidelined on the second district, with party media giving significant promotion to the other candidate in her district, new MP Bernice Bonello.

“We were two women on the second district”, Borg said as she went on to argue that not only was she discriminated, but her dignity was trampled on.

Borg received 152 first-count votes on the second district whilst Bonello received 440 first count votes. The two were also competitors on district four, where the Xgħajra councillor received 44 first-count votes while the new MP secured 305 votes.



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