WATCH: Local radio host eats 1kg of Nutella in 30 minutes

 - Celebrities - Oct 6
Local radio host eats 1kg of Nutella in 30 minutes

Despite apparently not being a big fan of the Italian hazelnut spread, VIBE FM’s Naledi sat down and filmed herself downing an entire 1kg of Nutella. The video was uploaded to IGTV, and it’s just a few minutes less than 30 minutes of Naledi continuously struggling to eat another tablespoon. 


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The original challenge was to finish the jar off in just 1 hour, but Naledi defied all odds and did it all in 30 minutes. The challenge got harder with every spoonful, using water as the ol’ reliable to help her push through. Naledi ends the video feeling quite sick but triumphant… and probably glad she doesn’t have to go through it again. 

The video was received with mixed reactions. Some want to try it out, or simply wish they had the stomach to do so. Some said Naledi is an absolute champion for doing so, while others hinted at her sugar levels skyrocketing. What do you think? 


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