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WATCH: “If your pockets are full, you can do as you wish”; Valletta resident goes viral after posting rant

WATCH: "If your pockets are full, you can do as you wish"; Valletta resident goes viral after posting rant
Sep 2 2021 Share

A valletta resident’s Facebook video has been making waves on social media after his blunt criticism of the recently-installed metal platform in Merchants Street Valletta.

The resident, known as ‘Il-Boat’, stated that the platform is an example and consequences of the “tyranny of the rich”, going on to state that if your pockets are full in Malta, you can do as you wish.

The concerned man highlighted that he will be going ‘all out’ against the forces and authorities who are turning Valletta’s capital city to a playground for the rich to the detriment of the city’s residents.

The Valletta Council has since posted a reply to the situation, stating that the permission given to AX Holdings for the platform in Merchant Street was not asked or given from the Valletta Local Council and went on to criticise the placement of the platform and call for the care of Valletta’s civil and cultural identity.

Stqarrija mill-Kunsill Lokali tal-Belt Valletta. Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Belt Valletta (Citta’ Umilissima) jagħmel…

Posted by Kunsill Lokali tal-Belt Valletta on Tuesday, 31 August 2021

What do you think of the platform placed in Merchant Street?


After historic national victory, Malta’s football team looks to away match against Slovenia

After historic national victory Malta's football looks to away match against Slovenia
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Malta’s national football team ended last night’s match on a high with a momentous 3-0 victory over Cyprus within the World Cup qualification group H.

With two earth-shattering goals from Cain Attard and another magnificent goal from Joseph Mbong, Malta managed to win its first-ever World Cup qualifier win. Sports journalist Gianuca Lia went on to highlight that Malta is now ‘1 point away from the record of 5 points in a qualification round for a major tournament’.

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Malta is currently tied with Russia for most goals in Group H as the nation expressed its pride towards the national team as they head into their away game against Slovenia on Saturday.

♥️ A BIG THANK YOU goes to @south_end_core 💪👏 THANKS for the coreography and the CONSTANT cheering 👐✔️ THANKS for…

Posted by Malta Football Association – 1900 on Wednesday, 1 September 2021

The Malta Football Association went on to thank Malta’s very own South End Core for their choreography and constant cheering, marking the first time that fans returned to Ta’ Qali Stadium since the beginning of the pandemic.

National football team coach Devis Mangia’s approach and dedication, together with having Maltese fans return to the ground for the first-time since the beginning of the pandemic, created a recipe for success for the national team.


Election will be dictated by national interest says Prime Minister

Despite being pressed for an answer, the prime minister remained mum on the information as rumours have made rounds that one as early as November might be called.
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Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Prime Minister Robert Abela was asked multiple times whether an early election will be called. Despite being pressed for an answer, the prime minister remained mum on the information as rumours have made rounds that one as early as November might be called. 

Abela pointed out that were he to act according to the spreading rumours, an early election would have been called months ago. Instead, the government was said to be all hands on deck on creating the budget for next year. Abela said he is determined for that budget to be announced and implemented. 

He also pointed out, after being asked yet again, that the date of the election will be revealed when the national interest dictates. The budget will be presented in parliament on the 11th of October and the debates and approval could take at least two weeks since its presentation. 

The latest that a general election can be held is September of 2022, but the Prime Minister can call an election at any point in time beforehand. The shortest period between an election and its announcement being 33 days, any election this year would have to be held in December’s first weekend. 


Photo Source: Pressconnects, Robert Abela FB

Here’s how Kanye West’s new album connects to Malta

Here’s how Kanye West’s new album connects to Malta
Sep 1 2021 Share

Kanye West has made a massive hit with his latest album release ‘DONDA’. The highly anticipated album was released last Sunday and runs for nearly two whole hours. However, the super-star rapper happened to sale a popular YouTube meme which acquired millions of views three years ago called ‘Globglogabgalab’. West’s meme sample was particularly special as it was a mash-up remix created by Grandayy, a Maltese YouTuber who boasts millions of subscribers. 

Grandayy shared the Twitter post which pointed this out, stating that it’s ‘time to sue Kanye West.’ Grandayy’s edit has amassed well over 45 million views and its absolutely bizarre to think of a Maltese meme rising up to such worldwide fame that Kanye West himself sampled it. DONDA was streamed over 60 million times in the US in the first full day of release, with West being the usual controversial figure he is known to be. 


Photo Source: BBC, @grandayy Twitter