WATCH: Acts of Kindness: FREE TAXI ‘RYDES’ to random people

 - Lifestyle - Jul 23

Summer in Malta means beach days, sunny weather and timeless memories. However, it can also mean scorching temperatures, busy streets and potentially even increased traffic – which is why getting from point A to point B may be more stressful than one would anticipate.

That is why for today’s act of kindness, Malta Daily has teamed up with local mobility service Ryde Malta to provide free taxi rides to people on various bus stops around Malta.

This initiative is part of Malta Daily’s Acts of Kindness, a series of kind gestures around Malta which not only attempt to brighten random people’s day but also encourage these individuals to pay it forward and spread the kindness themselves.

The significant amount of spontaneous brawls and heated online arguments may have been a by-product of such stress, which is why we are encouraging the people out there to exercise some of their good will and energy to conduct a random act of kindness, no matter how little it may be.


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