Vulnerable patients redirected to health centres as doctors fail to receive flu vaccines

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Vulnerable patients around Malta have been redirected to health centres as general practitioners have yet to receive thousands of flu vaccines ordered from the government. 

The President of the Association of Private Family Doctors, Anthony Azzopardi, expressed his fear that vulnerable patients going to health centres would overload the health system. 

The government of Malta has ordered another 50,000 flue shots which will arrive later in the season after the first 100,000 flu jabs were already made available and distributed within a record two weeks.


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Shawn Mendes releases new album ‘Wonder’

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Canadian heartthrob Shawn Mendes has finally released his long-awaited album ‘Wonder’ and says it “feels like freedom”. 

The 22-year-old came out with a 14-track album following the release of his singles ‘Wonder’ and ‘Monster’ with fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

The project is a grandiose soundscape in its entirety which plays with the listener’s heartstring in typical Shawn Mendes fashion and we think it may hold up, if not exceed, all our expectations for his album.


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25-year-old becomes world’s youngest self-made billionaire

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Austin Russell, founder of tech company Luminar Technologies, has made history by become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 25. 

Russell founded the company after dropping out of Stanford University in 2012 with the plan to create laser sensor technology for self-driving cars.

The company now has an approximate market value of $7.8 billion after a 28% increase in share prices.


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Mysterious Monoliths claimed by artist group

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Let’s face it, some of us may have actually thought that those mysterious monoliths popping up around the world could have been a sign of an alien invasion because that’s how wild 2020 was.

But alas, it was not to be, as a New Mexico-based artist group known as ‘The Most Famous Artist’ has claimed responsibility behind these strange figures.

The group is notorious for these wild stunts, with founder Matty Mo claiming that making people think we had made alien contact to end a turbulent year would be just what we needed, only to found out it was the artist group.


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