Virtu ferries donate second trailer with food to Caritas

Dec 3 2020 Share

They say that it is better than give than to receive and Virtu Ferries have proven this by donating a second trailer with essential foods to Caritas Malta.

The 40-foot trailer with essential items will be distributed to families in need just in time for Christmas.

Virtu Ferries sent their best wishes to Caritas volunteers and sincerely thanked front-liners and health authorities for their dedication in controlling the pandemic.


Prime Minister Robert Abela spends the day with Naomi Pace Gasan

Dec 3 2020 Share

Thursday 3rd December marks International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Prime Minister Robert Abela, spent the day with Naomi Pace Gasan.

The two spent the day together as an effort towards understanding each other better.

The Prime Minister wanted to make it clear that people with disabilities have a voice and they must be heard even on a national decision-making level.

UK regulator advocates COVID-19 vaccine safety amidst public concern

Dec 3 2020 Share

The COVID-19 vaccine has raised public concern due to its rapid development, as it has broken the record of the 1960s mumps vaccine, which took 4 years to develop as opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine’s 10 months.

Head of Medicine and Healthcare products regulator June Raine affirmed that no corners have been cut in the scientific analysis of the vaccine, with the department going through more than 1,000 pages of readings and data.

Mayor of Greater Manchester and former Health Secretary Andy Burnham affirms his belief in the UK health regulator as one of the best in the world, trusting the vaccine’s safety.


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Study suggests PlayStation gamers are smarter than Xbox gamers

Dec 2 2020 Share

A study conducted by Royal Panda claims that ‘PlayStation gamers were found to be cognitively superior to their Xbox playing counterparts’.

The study analysed four key avenues of intelligence which were verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, visual and logic reasoning, all of which collectively illustrate an individual’s intellect.

However, scoring highest on the list were PC gamers, with mobile gamers coming in last.