Viral pastizzi maker posts new video showing the process behind the iconic pastizz

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Viral pastizzi maker posts new video showing the process behind the iconic pastizz

After going viral with his rapid-fire pastizzi-making skills, local pastizzar Roderick Mizzi has done it again, posting a new video showing the entire process behind Malta’s favourite diamond-shaped snack.

@roderickmizzi1 #pastizzimalta #pastizzidough #roggi#maltatraditionalfood ♬ dance(256762) – TimTaj

From kneading the dough to forming the seemingly endless amount of butter-lathered layers, this pastizzar has certainly found his niche in the internet landscape.

With the first video gaining thousands of views for showing rapid pastizzi-making chops, it seems like we could get a better view of the process behind this iconic Maltese snack.

What’s your favourite pastizzi flavour?


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Club Penguin’s founder is confident that the game will return ‘one day’

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Club Penguin's founder is confident that the game will return 'one day'

On one sad evening in 2017, the iconic online game Club Penguin was officially shut down, leaving a penguin-shaped hole in the heart of millions of users around the world.

However, the game’s creator Lance Priebe has broken his silence on a potential return. When asked whether or not he regrets selling the iconic game, Priebe stated that he is “sad that it ended but confident it will one day return.”

After multiple lucrative offers and venture capital investments, the three Club Penguin co-creators sold Club Penguin to Disney in 2005 for a jaw-dropping $350 million. Ten years later, gamer numbers started to decline due to a number of issues such as copycat versions, little updates and lack of income.

While Priebe’s statement alone is not enough to justify a return just yet, the modern internet landscape does have a habit of speaking things into existence, so if you’re a Club Penguin fan we suggest keeping your eyes peeled.



What is the Willow Project? Controversial oil-drilling project approved by Joe Biden administration

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What is the Willow Project? Controversial oil-drilling project approved by Joe Biden administration

Over the past few days, Joe Biden’s administration approved the massively controversial Willow Project in Alaska, initiating a global uprising of online activism against the project.

A reported total of one million protest letters were sent to the White House, with another 3 million Change.org petitions against the enormous oil drilling project on Alaska’s north Slope.

If you have not heard already, ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project is a decade-spanning oil drilling project in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve, owned by the federal government.

The project is reported to hold up to 600 barrels of oil, which oil would take years to reach the market due to construction delays. It was initially approved by the Trump administration in 2020, with the Biden administration reducing the initial five drill pads to three.

Two government sources reported that Joe Biden’s administration felt its hands were tied with The Willow Project due to Conoco already having valid leases in the area. It was determined that the project could not have been legally rejected or drastically reduced due to potentially steep fines as a result of legal action from ConocoPhillips’ part.

Despite the project receiving the green light, multiple legal challenges, international controversy and backlash from activists and organisations have made it unclear when the project will go forward, with both parties racing against the clock.

State lawmakers have argued that the Willow project will create jobs, boost domestic energy production and decrease the country’s reliance on oil from beyond their shores whilst those opposing such as Alaska natives, city officials and others remain deeply concerned about the project’s negative effects on the environment.

What do you make of this?


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Caruana Galizia killer George Degiorgio files another leave request for daughter’s birthday

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Daphne Caruana Galizia convicted killer George Degiorgio has once again requested for prison leave, this time for his daughter’s birthday.

This comes weeks after Degiorgio and the authorities came under fire for the killer being allowed to leave the prison to attend a family baptism, an event which came under intense scrutiny by the media and the public.

The news was leaked by the European Centre for Press & Media Freedom’s Twitter page, which stated that “Prison should not be a hotel where people come and go as they please.”

The Non-Governmental & Nonprofit Organisation stressed that the Maltese authorities should make sure Degiorgio is not allowed this time.

The organisation then retweeted legal advisor Flutura Kusari, who stated “this is how #Malta treats criminals who kill journalists – it allows them out of jail to party and enjoy life when they are serving a sentence for a journalist’s murder.”

According to Kusari, the Attorney General’s office is against this decision, previously stating that Malta’s approach to Daphne’s murder ‘sets the standard for other countries’.


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