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Viral ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Joins Country Star Zach Bryan on Stage

Viral 'Hawk Tuah' Girl Joins Country Star Zach Bryan on Stage
Jun 30 2024 Share

Hailey Welch, famously known as the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl, has taken her viral fame to new heights by appearing on stage with the country music star Zach Bryan in Nashville. Welch first gained internet fame after a street interview, where she humorously advised “You gotta give’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing!” The clip quickly went viral, making her an overnight sensation.

Since her rise to fame, Welch has capitalised  on her popularity by launching a successful  line of merchandise, featuring t-shirts and hats with her iconic phrase. Her entrepreneurial endeavours even earned her a shoutout from the UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan.

The latest milestone in the star’s journey was her guest appearance at Zach Bryan’s concert, where she joined him on stage for his hit song ‘Revival’. Clad in a tan cowboy hat and white top, Welch wowed the audience, taking the mic and singing alongside Bryan, much to the crowd’s delight.

Fans of both Welch and Bryan celebrated the collaboration , with many praising Bryan for bringing her into the spotlight. It seems Welch’s five minutes of fame are far from over as she continues to charm her fans online.


Real Change Needed for Malta to Thrive – Says Finance Minister

Real Change Needed for Malta to Thrive - Says Finance Minister
Jun 30 2024 Share

In an interview held by Times of Malta, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana recently discussed the Labour Party’s unexpected loss of over 30,000 votes in the MEP and local council elections, attributing it to a shift in public sentiment and higher vote turnout. He drew parallels to past governments that lost favour despite economic successes, emphasizing the need for Labour to implement real changes to regain support.

Caruana highlighted Malta’s reliance on labour-intensive investment for economic growth and the urgent need to shift towards more capital-intensive, value-added sectors. He acknowledged the challenges in changing the economic model but stressed the importance of upskilling the workforce to improve productivity and quality of life.

In this interview with Times of Malta, Clyde Caruana expressed confidence in meeting EU reduction targets without resorting to austerity measures. He also defended the decision to issue 270,000 cheques during the election campaign, arguing that it provided targeted financial support.

He criticized the undue influence of the construction industry and called for a clear separation between politics and construction, He also discussed Malta’s issues with cartels, attributing them to the small market size and emphasising the need for regulatory vigilance.

Finance Minister Clyde Caruana dismissed the rumours about his political ambitions, stating his focus remains on contributing to Malta’s development rather than seeking higher office.


Sarah Zerafa Looks Back On ‘Last Day As Fiancée’ Ahead of Wedding

Sarah Zerafa Looks Back On 'Last Day As Fiancée' Ahead of Wedding
Jun 30 2024 Share

In a recent post, local influencer Sarah Zerafa recently reflected on her last moments as a fiancée, sharing glimpses from her bridal room on social media. As she prepared for her wedding with fiancée David Vella, Sosa popped a bottle of wine and, of course, snapped a few pics ahead of a busy day of preparations.

In the stories leading up to the wedding day, she shared special moments with her friends and some behind-the-scenes preparations. The post’s touching caption read, “The tummy butterflies are real.. See you at the altar, Dave.”

Sarah’s bridal room photos gave her 2.2 million followers a look into her pre-wedding festivities, with the heartfelt posts definitely resonating with the audience.

After months of anticipation, Sarah and David’s wedding will happen today, with the influencer giving some updates from time to time as the couple starts their married journey.

Congrats Sarah and David!


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Germany-Denmark Match Delayed Due to Extreme Weather

Jun 30 2024 Share

Germany’s last 16 match against Denmark was suspended due to extreme weather at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund. A lightning storm, accompanied by heavy rain and hail, forced referee Michael Oliver to halt the game and direct the players off the pitch.

As the storm intensified, the stadium’s roof began to leak, drenching supporters with cascading water. Initially, the players waited near the dugouts before being sent to the dressing rooms for safety.

After a 23-minute delay, the match resumed following a brief warm-up. During the break, some Germany fans used red, yellow, and black cards—originally for the national flag—as makeshift shelters. Meanwhile, two Denmark fans were seen dancing under one of the waterfalls formed by the heavy rain.

After 20 minutes, the players returned to the pitch for a short warm-up and the game restarted, resulting in a 2-0 win for Germany.

Albeit chaotic, last night’s decision definitely made for a memorable Euros 2024 story.