Vandalized Qormi monument sparks nostalgic rage for former president

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Malta’s former president Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca has openly condemned the vandalization and destruction of a historical cross monument in Qormi which harkens back to her childhood. Coleiro Preca reminisced about her childhood in Handaq which, back then, was a ‘green lung for Hal Qormi’, revealing how she used to roam in the countryside amidst farms and fields. The cross, known as a Salib tad-Dejma, served as a landmark for time immemorial – both for knights and children more recently in Preca’s lifetime. The former president also lamented about Handaq’s transformation into an industrial zone, losing heritage and greenery along the way.

A police report has been filed by Qormi’s local council, with politicians from the locality, including Rosianne Cutajar and PN MP Clyde Puli, condemning the suspected vandalism. Culture Minister Jose Herrera also called the monument’s destruction a sad moment for all those appreciative of Malta’s heritage. The cross was set for restoration in the coming future, but the recent vandalism prompted the minister to see that the necessary steps are taken to prosecute those found responsible.


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Watch: Mario Balotelli is back as he mocks opposing team’s manager

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Mario Balotelli is back in mainstream football and he returned with a bang. The former Inter and Liverpool striker has recently joined promoted Turkish side Adana Demirspor. Mario last had a spell with Serie B side Monza, where he scored 5 goals in 12 matches to help them challenge for promotion. Balotelli has recently gone viral again in the football world after his funny celebration, mocking Besiktas coach Sergen Yalçın.

The reason behind Mario’s celebration was because of something the Besiktas coach Sergen Yalçın said back in 2013. In an interview, Sergen said that the Italian striker had “no brain” after seeing his infamous miss verses La Galaxy in a friendly. This caused Mario to point to his brain in front of Sergen after scoring a screamer from outside the box. What makes it even better for Mario is that the goal led to a comeback from 3-0 down.



Hybrid work might end up rejected by workers themselves

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Most research into employment and worker preferences currently show that hybrid work has been heralded as the future of work. Many see the mix of remote work and office work as an ideal employment situation, with many companies across the globe playing around with such a concept. However, there is reason to believe that workers themselves might end up being the ones falling out of love for such a system of work. The issue is complex, with different employees finding diverse reasons as to why they might not prefer the hybridity on the work place. Some might find it difficult to switch seamlessly between home and office work environments, having to keep two different work spaces updated constantly and alternating between them.

Keeping technology, books and other important tools in one place might be made more difficult if the worker is forced to work from different spaces altogether. This is also worsened depending on the socio-economic status of the workers themselves. Some may have comfortable abodes to turn to, but not everyone is so lucky. Some employees might have to turn crammed living spaces into full-on work spaces. Others on the other hand, who wish to work up their way in the company ladder, might want to work more prominently in the office so as to be closer to their supervisors.

Some might end up feeling that despite being highly productive, their work is not being noticed by supervisors. They might feel dismissed or undervalued to no direct feedback being given. Social connections are also another major incentive for employees to work at the office. Bonding and working as a team has immense productivity value which being isolated at home does not provide. There are also studies which show that workers who spend more time with managers are more likely to rise up through the ranks. This is known as the proximity bias.

All this in mind, researches are seeing that workers consider showing up to the office a sacrifice worth making for several reasons. Bosses need to set up clear schedules as to who gets to show up at the office and how many times. If not, an imbalance between the more go-getter type employees and the rest could be created. For now, especially as we all deal with a pandemic, employers are urged to keep tabs on how workspaces can be adapted instead of jumping head straight into this model. It might turn out that the traditional office work could win out over the innovative.


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Afforestation project seeks to give Malta new breath with over 40,000 trees

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A new project called ‘Help Malta Breathe’, created and revealed by a group of 24 architects and engineers, seeks to give the Maltese islands over 40,000 new indigenous trees. The project proposes planting the trees in Inwadar National Park, which stretches from Zonqor Point to Marsaskala and Xghajra. Covering up to 315,000 square meters, the area currently consists of just abandoned fields and foreshore. Supported by a readily available irrigation source in the form of polished water from the Ta’ Barkat sewage treatment plant, the area would provide people with a fresh green landscape for al to enjoy.

The proposal captures the project’s intended goal through video format, featuring drone footage of what the area looks like as of writing this article. It then cuts to beautiful panoramic shots of what the site could look like in 20 year’ time should the proposal pass approval. Such artificial afforestation is not a new concept or practice for Malta. A similar exercise was one in the 1960s with a successful project carried out in the Mizieb limits of Manikata, Mellieha. Could this be the ambitious Malta sorely needs to tackle its environment problems?


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