Valentina Rossi & Carlo Gerada got matching post-wedding tattoos & they’re CUTE AF

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Valentina Rossi & Carlo Gerada got matching post-wedding tattoos & they're CUTE AF

It goes without saying that Valentina Rossi and Carlo Gerada’s wedding was definitely one for the books. The Maltese power couple sprinkled positive vibes all across the country as their friends and family celebrated their special day.


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If you managed to catch a glimpse of the wedding, you may or may not have seen a sign stating ‘Till death do us party, an obvious ode to the couple’s nightlife beginnings and current background in local events.

The husband and wife’s clever-but-cute matching tattoos are #RelationshipGoals at their finest, paying tribute to Rossi & Gerada’s past whilst looking forward to the future with love and determination.

Here’s wishing the newlyweds a happy & successful future together.


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President George Vella feels there is no reason to resign

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President George Vella has revealed that he ‘absolutely’ doesn’t feel he should resign following the IVF amendment scandal that rocked Maltese news a week ago.

A week ago whilst the president was in UK and the amendments were still unsigned despite unanimous support, acting president Frank Bezzina signed the amendments into law.

Legal experts have confirmed that the act was in breach of Malta’s Constitution. Vella was reportedly hesitant to sign the amendment due to a conflict of conscience.

This led to many people calling for Vella to resign from his post. Parties included Opposition leader Bernard Grech and Green party ADPD, amongst others, with the latter also calling for the president to be impeached if he doesn’t decide to resign.

The president insisted that in due time he would tell the ‘entire’ stor



Heatwaves in Europe are leading to more deaths

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It goes without saying that Europe has been experiencing a concerning rate of heat waves this summer as the globe continues to endure the ever-pressing climate crisis. These heatwaves have unfortunately led to thousands of heat-related deaths across various European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Germany and United Kingdom.

WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge had this to say in a statement: “This year, we have already witnessed more than 1,700 needless deaths in the present heat wave in Spain and Portugal alone,”

The World Health Organization unfortunately believe that the figure would “increase further over the coming days.”

Forest fires occurring around Europe especially in Spain and Portugal are also not helping with Kluge saying “Climate change is not new. Its consequences, however, are mounting season after season, year after year, with disastrous outcomes,”

In Germany alone this month there have been 3,000 excess deaths. Excess deaths mean deaths that occur due to something external meaning not all of these deaths will be heat-related.  Stefan Muthers from the German Weather Service’s center for medical and meteorological research had this to say “the problem is that unlike with [coronavirus], heat is not recorded as a factor in a person’s death.


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Former Amici dancer “happiest man in the world” as he gets engaged to Maltese partner

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Former Amici dancer "happiest man in the world" as he gets engaged to Maltese partner

Former Amici star and dancer Michele Nocca has announced that he has become the happiest man in the world after getting engaged to his partner, Maltese hair stylist and make-up artist John Azzopardi.

The proposal was made during the couple’s trip to Denmark, with the two claiming to be in their seventh heaven as they look forward to a lifetime of happiness. “It all seems like a dream. It was a fantastic day and we are too excited”, Nocca stated.

The couple have been together for six and a half years, receiving a wave of support and congratulatory comments from friends and acquaintances such as former Amici competitors Susy Fucillo and Sergio Slyvestre.

In their most-recent post, Michele and John announced that their wedding will have a themed touch of Greek and Roman inspirations as they are set to get dressed by Italian garments brand Krug fashion.

Congratulations to the couple!


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