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Vaccines are the road out of the pandemic

 - COVID-19 - Jul 21
Vaccines are the road out of the pandemic

Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci reveals how the vaccination programme and the jab itself are leading to the curb of the virus. With most new daily and active cases being attributed to unvaccinated, the rollout is clearly the scientifically-proven weapon to beat the pandemic which has, quite frankly overstayed its welcome. Speaking on Times of Malta’s ‘Ask Charmaine Programme’, the interview revealed the following information; 

‘Transmission rates are lower among vaccinated.’

Studies reveal how the virus’ viral load is far less prominent with vaccinated people. This can be noted in Malta, with most cases being attributed to unvaccinated or imported cases. Those who have underlying health conditions are strongly encouraged to seek consultations from professionals to curb fear and maybe get specific jabs.

‘Vaccination should be a collective effort.’

Unfortunately, not getting your vaccine risks making herd immunity redundant. This is because it gives the virus room to mutate and would mean booster shots or possibly new vaccines. The Delta variant, Gauci revealed, is slowly becoming the main variant all over the world. This is not yet the case in Malta.

‘Low hospitalisations prove the vaccination’s efficacy.’

The fact that there is just one person in the ITU shows how the vaccination programme is working. The ITU patient is also stable. Many of those admitted are also done so before they know they are positive. They are admitted for other health conditions, only to discover the infection. 

‘We need to take it one step at a time.’ 

Health restrictions are still an important part of the process. The Superintendent acknowledged everyone’s frustration and exhaustion with measures in place. It is however crucial to push together and to be on the same boat. This means getting vaccinated as soon as possible, adhering to regulations and staying as safe as possible. 


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